Okay, I read through the article explaining the inspiration behind this artwork several times, and I still don’t get it….but the images are nice!

penispiano (6k image)

This is a palette for a baby grand (and baby, ain’t it grand! :laugh: ) penis piano, a work in progress by Cynthia Karella. It sounds like it’s supposed to address fear of the penis:

Why do we find such a lack of aesthetic qualities of the penis? The penisís refusal to submit to conventions of uniformity, this is why a climate of fear surrounds it. Karalla attempts to dissipate the fear we have which is not innate, but one that has been manufactured and put into us, a system of control.

:confused: Penis fear? [Paging Dr. Freud….paging Dr. Freud….] A lack of aesthetic qualities? Doesn’t sound like any of our friends. But, the article is apparently translated from Italian, so it might not be too accurate. From the Baby Grand Piano page, where you can also find more smallish but interesting penis photos.