A rare political excursion for ErosBlog:

Quietly and unanimously, the Senate passed the Real ID Act last week. It’s been signed into law. Within a few years you will have a national ID card. Or you’ll be an extremely marginal member of society.

Or (and this is not exclusive with option two above) you can join the Real ID Rebellion.

Whatever your politics, remember this: sexual nonconformists always suffer in a police state.

My delete finger is gonna be twitchy in the comments on this thread. I posted the link to help people as angry as I am find like-minded folks who are looking for ways to fight. If you think this is no big deal, please express that opinion elsewhere. Save the debate for your blog. And don’t bother with partisan comments — because no Senator from either party voted against this monstrosity. I’ll ruthlessly delete any comments that try to promote or specially accuse either faction of these power-mad bastards.

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