I apologize for the lack of detailed text-heavy posts lately; I’ve been out and about and doing summery stuff instead of sitting pasty-faced behind drawn curtains at my computer. And that’s not going to change any time soon; I plan to spend a good bit of August chasing The Nymph around in actual forests. You know, the kind with trees and bugs and stuff. Once or twice, there may even be cheese-filled hotdogs roasted over campfires on sticks. It should be a good time. But posting will continue to be light.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture that reflects well on where my head is at. It makes me want to feel cold slippery rocks between my toes. I’m nostalgic, if you will, for that special squint you have to do when you’re wading in bright sunshine and half-blind from all the reflections off every ripple. Fishing pole optional. Naked women, a substantial bonus:

naked woman wading in the river

Ah, the joys of summer. (Picture courtesy of Hippie Goddess.)