Under the I’m-not-making-this-up headline “The Twat Thickens“, advice columnist Sasha finds out and explains the secrets of making art molds of female naughty bits:

Hay begins with a plaster mould. She bought nine aluminum roasting pans, mixed six inches of plaster in them and had her shaven and Vaseline-slathered actresses squat into them. “You know it’s beginning to set when it starts getting hot,” she says. Keep your eye out for bubbles, but if you get some (and you will), soak the hardened plaster in warm water, then plug the holes with wet plaster.

Hay used beeswax to create her vaginas and they are exquisite. Actually, I believe Ellie Rae Hennessey’s is still kicking around Buddies if you want to have a look. Hay began with one layer of peachy-coloured beeswax (tinted with oil paint that comes in sticks), swooshed it around the mould, then after it dried, swooshed a layer of tinted red wax on top of it. This layering process gave the vaginas a life-like quality. “Don’t forget to put a release agent between the cast and the wax,” she says. A thin coat of Pam works just fine. None of the actresses Hay cast complained of any infections or problems afterwards, but do make sure you get all that Vaseline off.

One thing that can’t be stressed enough: make sure you are fully shaven — and that goes for your asshole as well — because prying off plaster or alginate embedded with your pubes hurts like a motherfucker.

Like the man said, the more you know….