My weekend was terrific. It was the first time I stayed over at J’s house. Most of the soon to be ex’s stuff was gone, so that was okay. The best parts were all the tulips he bought, he put them in just about every room in the house and they were gorgeous….and the sex.

J is more playful than I thought. After dinner I thought he’d want to go right to bed, but he put on some music in the living room and we sat and drank more wine and talked. The music was great, sexy but not too pushy….and as we got warmed up, he asked me to strip for him. I got up to start…..and noticed the huge window with only a sheer curtain covering it. He noticed my glance and just grinned and nodded. Did I mention that his house is on the main highway just barely out of town? Almost everybody that comes and goes from town uses that road. I started to sit back down and then I realized that he was asking for his idea of adding spice to our sex. It wasn’t what I was thinking of, but that shouldn’t stop me….

So I did it. At first I was a little embarassed, but the music and the buzz from the wine and his huge smile got me into it. So did thinking about how many people might see part of the show I was putting on! I danced and teased and got totally into it…..and so did J. We ended up making love there too. I had turned around and was wiggling my ass at him and he stood up and pulled off his pants. He bent me over a chair and filled me in one slow thrust. It didn’t take much more for me to come and he wasn’t far behind. I had forgotten all about the window…..but seeing headlights swoop by reminded me that we both had just put on a show…..and that got me hot again. So yeah, we did an encore too.