I’m on record as thinking that colorblindness, even willful colorblindness, is a good thing, and as being baffled by people who want to sort their porn by the race of the performers. So you can imagine my distaste upon seeing Audacia Ray — a smart political sort with whom I’m often in agreement on matters of porn — characterize my commitment to colorblindness as a sort of liberal ignorance.

Hint: It’s not “ignorance” to reject racial classifications as a basis for your worldview, and it’s certainly not liberal in a world where affirmative action is an icon of liberal political correctness. If you can’t see a person without having a racial classification for them pop into your head, you’re part of the problem. Worse yet, every time anybody slaps racial tags or identifiers on anybody else, this whole sordid business of “race” is reinforced and strengthened. I don’t refuse to participate in that out of ignorance, I refuse to participate in it because I’m adamantly convinced it’s a bad business.

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