It’s official. Sad, but official: In the world inhabited by The Girl, there are no gentlemen, nor even any decent guys. None. Worse, she says there can’t be any. It’s just not possible, sez she. We men are all, apparently, dickheads (though she doesn’t say so in just so many words).

I’m no gentleman, but my momma tried. And she taught me that a gentleman never kisses and tells. It’s a simple extension from that simple rule: if a woman lets me take intimate photos of her, they’re obviously not for public display, unless of course she gives permission.

The Girl says I don’t exist:

If a woman has had erotic photographs taken of her by a sexual partner, these will, at some point appear on the internet – usually without her knowledge.

Just in case you missed the point, she says it again. This is not a precautionary warning; she’s not saying it’s merely likely, or arguing that the risk is too great to take the chance. She says it’s inevitable:

If you do ever break up, then at some point, those pictures will find their way onto the internet, in some shape, manner or form, I guarantee it.

Er, sorry, but no. Not unless the man is a dick. And we aren’t all. He might keep ’em after the breakup, he might even wank to ’em. But post ’em on the internet without permission? A good guy wouldn’t do that.

And there are some of us out here. I’m sorry she hasn’t met any.

Taking pictures of your lover is fun and sexy. The digital camera has been a wondrous invention, greatly facilitating this erotic hobby. And yes, trust is important. No, not all men can be trusted. But, some can. It’s not inevitable that a guy will dick you over, even after you two break up. The Girl is just flat wrong about that. Yeah, it can happen. But I’m kinda pissed she’s guaranteeing it will.

By all means, be discriminating. Breakups happen, breakups hurt, and people sometimes do all sorts of stupid/mean/ugly stuff afterwards. But not all people, and not even all men.

Why am I picking on The Girl? Well, I’m really not. But I purely hate that she’s pretty much advising all women to never allow bedroom photography, based on an ugly stereotype of men that isn’t nearly as universal as she claims it is.