When writing a sex-positive blog like this, it’s easy to forget that our American culture still contains a lot of people who are not sex positive, plus a great many more whose sex-positivity, if any, is strongly cabined by an expectation that “proper” sex is a purely marital affair. All of which leads (even in this new millenium of ours) to folks who find themselves to be both ill-informed and virgin on their wedding nights. Let me present the following window into that culture, in the form of Mormon honeymoon advice (complete with a heated argument in the comments about this suggestion to ditch the special Mormon underpants):

Ditch the garments during a majority of the honeymoon. I mean, you need to do what feels right for you, but I, for one, did not feel the least bit sexy in my garments and cloistering myself in the bathroom to change into lingerie seemed to kill the passion of the moment(s). You can just look at it as 24hr foreplay.