I am jealous to learn that the pornified krewe at Fleshbot has outsourced its comment moderation to a magic comment bunny:

magic comment bunny is hungry

Every first-time comment is sucked through teh tubes to our underwater IP farm, where it is read by an adorable little bunny who lives inside our databases and eats rainbows for breakfast. If the bunny is pleased by your offering, your username, password, and comment are approved….

Here’s the thing, though: the bunny does not like silly, pointless, or generally uninteresting comments. In other words, you gotta bring something to the table. It’s hard to say exactly what it takes to get your comment approved—let’s just say we know a good comment when we see one—but it’s much easier to pinpoint the strategies that are virtually guaranteed to keep you on the wrong side of the velvet rope.

So we’ve broken them down for you here, so that you will stop wasting your bandwidth trying to concoct the 547th iteration of that old chestnut, “I’d hit it.” If you’re reading Fleshbot, it is assumed that you “love girls,” “love cock,” “love sexxxxx,” and/or “like to fuck,” so it isn’t really necessary for you take time out of you busy schedule to fill out a comment form and tell us that fact.

If you follow the link, you’ll see sample comments that have displeased the bunny. Those sample comments are real, I see similar every day so you don’t have to.

I need a bunny.