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September 24th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Skinny Dipping: Contraindicated

3D computer art tools have gotten a lot better, over the many years that I have been watching artists make porn with them. Indeed, they’re so good now, they let artists of a certain inclination illustrate with extreme clarity the hazards of going skinny dipping in the wrong body of water. Poor Goldilocks here had to learn the hard way:

attack of the tentacle beast

tentacle raped, tentacle sex, tentacle fucked

This tentacle-sexing artwork is from a series called Perils Of The Pond by Gee3D.

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September 23rd, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Bent-Over Blondes On Tap

buttfucked blonde in bathtub

One thing I’ve always celebrated here at ErosBlog is sexual diversity. Despite my own fairly narrowly-monogamous hetero tastes and habits, I’m fascinated by the wide variety of sexy stuff horny people get up to that I would never have considered. But sexual diversity doesn’t have to mean kinks, fetishes, or any of the eighteen officially-registered flavors of gayness. It also encompasses people of highly specific (even if otherwise mundane) sexual tastes.

sex-drunk doggystyle blonde

Consider the guy whose main joy in sexual life is fucking blondes from behind. Hard and often. Nothing else really does it for him. I mean, he can perform the full range of erotic behaviors that you’d find in the stereotypical sexually unadventurous American bedroom, but it’s all kind of flat for him. Except when he’s jamming his jim-jam up inside a bent-over blonde. Then, he comes sexually alive. His dick is twenty percent stiffer, his eyes are ten percent wider, and he comes forty percent more forcefully. Boffing a blonde on her knees? That’s what sex means to this guy.

ass-reamed blonde with lacy panties

It’s not a fetish, precisely. It’s just what our man likes. It could be anything. He’s probably got a co-worker who lives for the feeling of getting blown by a chonky brunette with enough ponytail for him to wrap around his fist. The girl who checks him into his health club? She has a thing for skinny little intellectuals with talented tongues. Everybody has sexual interests and preferences, and in some people, these are amazingly strong and specific.

nailed blonde with braid

So, our dude who likes to belly up to a kneeling blonde’s ass, what’s he supposed to do? There’s really two main strategies, and he may employ them both at different times in his life. The first and most obvious is to find and marry some compatible woman who enjoys being the object of his narrow affections. If he meets a lusty blonde with a pretty butt who doesn’t mind spending three nights a week with her face in the mattress, he’d be a wise man to put a ring on that. Maybe it works, or maybe she gets tired of his narrow sexual focus in a few years, but it’s worth a try. Marriage is risky that way, but for the people it works for, it can really work.

married blonde anal sex fan

But a lot of guys aren’t ready for that. For them, the answer is lots of casual sex. Smacking a different blonde’s ass every week? It’s not an impossible dream, not in the era of online dating and hookup sites like It works because if your sexual interests are narrow, this won’t be instantly evident to a revolving parade of new sex partners. It’s possibly a lot easier than finding someone who wants to spend a lifetime in the same sexual position. Plus, a different blonde every week… how is that not fun?

buttfucked blonde with big eyes

It’s also the case that narrow sexual interests can broaden over a lifetime. I don’t think that happens smoothly and continuously; I speculate that it’s influenced by your specific sex partners. I’m not saying that plowing through fifty doggiestyle blondes would cure our hypothetical narrowly-focused horndog, but among their numbers, he might meet a golden-haired houri who leads him quite happily to sexual places he never expected to visit. In fact, I think it’s pretty likely.

real casual sex

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September 22nd, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Bare Pussy Pool Hustler

Look, there’s different ways to win money when you’re betting against a whole pool hall full of pool sharks. One of them is to wear a really short skirt and no underwear:

young woman pool hustler showing her pussy to distract her opponent

Artwork is by Erichika.

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September 20th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

LEG0 Sex Toys

September 18th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

I Could Be Recruited This Way

Uncle Sam never did a thing for me. But Uschi Digard in a patriotic body-paint bikini could probably recruit me into any kind of folly whatsoever:

uschi digard as uncle sam

IMDB says I Want You! was released in 1970, but most of the rest of the internet says it was 1974.

September 16th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Pussy Power or Cock Power?

To me this stroke book cover art looks like a blowjob about to happen:

woman with dildo about to give a blowjob

It’s from the cover of Pussy Power: Masters And Slaves (Star Distributors 1979, HF-223), so I’m not entirely sure about the strength of the connection between the title and the cover art. She appears mesmerized by cock power!

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September 14th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Elvis Makes Her Nipples Hard

Music fans aren’t what they used to be, are they?

naked elvis fan wearing 45 rpm records on her nipples

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