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May 23rd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Crackers In The Flavor Of A Tasty Ass

If you must eat crackers that taste like ass, we pray for your sake that the ass they taste like is a tasty one:

tasty crackers that taste like ass

The sordid truth, of course, is that this is just another case of the algorithm taking matters out of the hands of the the underpaid and semi-literate workers, as with the Summa Cum Laude cake that the Publix online ordering system refused to sell to a proud momma a few days ago because it had the “profane” word “cum” in it. These are Tasty™-brand “assorted” crackers, and the machine that prints out the Managers [sic] Special sale placards has some algo that says something like “two lines, eight to ten characters per line, lines must be the same length, truncate the end of whichever line you have to to make the lines match.” It’s very possible that a shift “manager” is supposed to review and approve a stack of these placards every morning when they roll hot from the printer, but the half-hour hassle to implement and redo a changed placard is not going to blip the biweekly automated productivity review in any kind of positive way, so why bother? Do you think a regional or a district manager is ever going to go down the ass-cracker aisle?

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May 22nd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Hiking Is Good Exercise

Hiking in the Swiss Alps: everybody knows it’s good for you!

fucking in the swiss mountains

I cropped and rotated and expanded the postcard scan above; if you want to see the original I was working with, it’s here.

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May 21st, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Snark, Thy Name Is Bacchus

Some days, the snark builds up inside me until it threatens to blow off the top of my head. Today must be one of those days. When I caught a glimpse of a few photos from a perfectly normal Carmen Rivera femdom shoot being marketed via Kink Unlimited, my first thought upon seeing the paunchy bewhiskered white guy in chains was “Hey, look! They caught a senator!” And I did not feel at all badly that they had, either:

punishing a senator

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May 20th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Prepare The Sacrifice!

It’s a little bit unclear to me whether she has three helpful and solicitous friends looking out for her welfare and pleasure, or whether he does. In a perfect world, both of them, I suppose?

three blondes hold a woman by her arms and legs over a bolster for penetration by a man with an enormous dick

The artwork is by Austrian illustrator Otto Rudolf Shatz, according to many unreliable Pinterest posts and this probably-reliable auction-house listing.

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May 18th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Blowing Bubbles During Sex

bubble gum sex

Chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles during sex: I’m sure it’s not everyone’s fetish, but if it’s yours, you might enjoy the video clip this came from. I tracked it down to the XXX Multimedia Clips4Sale studio featuring (among other things) videos by Fifi Foxx, who is, I believe, the model seen blowing that bubble at the top of the post.

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May 17th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Pussy: Superfood

Memo to that pussy-hating hip-hop dude from last week: in ancient China, pussy was considered a superfood. No, really. According to Kate Lister, who y’all may know from Twitter as @WhoresOfYore:

For example, in ancient China, Taoism taught ingesting vaginal secretions would strengthen the Yang (male) essence. Therefore, pussy was not only celebrated, it was a superfood. Take that, kale crisps.

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May 16th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Showdown At The Nudist Corral

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

“Then draw!

semi-naked cowgirls prepare to have a shootout

From an old Kitan Club magazine.

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