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February 18th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Leopard Girls From The Dance Halls Of Paris

Catgirls have always been popular! According to Au carrefour étrange, these sparkling sequin-covered leopard girls graced one of the great burlesque halls of Paris, such as the Lido, the Carrousel or the Folies Bergère:

leopard girls in their catgirl outfits for the burlesque shows of Paris

The photo is by Daniel Frasnay from the 1960 German book Paris Review.

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February 17th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Stroke Book Salad Tossing

Southern Tramp -- early 1980s anonymous stroke book featuring an overwrought analingus 'salad tossing' scene

There are reasons the stroke books of the 70s and 80s up and vanished pretty much as soon as “real porn” on VHS tape became widely available. These cheap little paperbacks aren’t usually remembered with much fondness, except perhaps for their cover art (usually the best thing about them). The quality of the erotic prose inside is perhaps a large part of why. I can’t tell if this is a simple bit of salad tossing anal foreplay or a ritual cult sacrifice:

But Melanie had one more virginal orifice Jarvis wanted to explore.

“Turn over on your belly, baby,” he ordered huskily.

Obediently, Melanie rolled over. Jarvis’ eyes greedily swept down to the full, firm cheeks of her creamy, translucent ass. He ran his fingers down her back and dug them into the pliant, shimmering mounds of flesh. Spreading them apart, he revealed the sweet winking rosette of her unviolated asshole. It was pink and puckered and looked incredibly tight.

Jarvis scooted down and lowered his face slowly until it was inches away from the marshmallow-like lobes of her high, firm buns. He blew hot air between the quivering butt cheeks, and slowly leaned forward. Puckering his lips, he pressed them against the quivering bunghole, letting her buttocks close about his face. He forked out his tongue greedily and swiped it over the slick, tight anus, tasting the pungent flavor of it, his heart hammering violently in his chest.

Melanie’s body jerked and she gave an astonished gasp of pleasure. Jarvis was revealing to her erotogenic areas she had never imagined could be aroused before. Jarvis began to work his tongue back and forth rapidly, plunging the tip of it against the puckered maw, inserting it slowly into the tight, clenching muscle until it slid into the blazing, clutching interior of her colon.

A sob of dumbfounded delight broke in Melanie’s throat and she lifted her ass instinctively…

That’s a tiny excerpt from AG-109 Southern Tramp (#109 in the American Girls series, by an uncredited/anonymous author).

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February 16th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

How To Defeat A Minotaur

A minotaur is dangerous, but he is not invincible. Artist BlissTonic shows the secret to his defeat:

how to defeat a minotaur -- art by BlissTonic

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February 15th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Mischievous Fun With A Caged Dick

I’m not sure what mischief this dominant woman plans for the caged dick that’s been unwisely entrusted to her “care”, but it sure looks like she intends for her evil schemes to take a long time and to be a lot of fun. A lot of fun for her, that is:

cruel young dominatrix teases firmly erect and dripping caged dick and smirks about her evil femdom schemes for it

Femdom art by Chibiabos Elgreco Winnegan, who vanished from the web long ago.

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February 13th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Chanel Preston’s Treatment For Perverts

Bearing always in mind the ErosBlog editorial doctrine that perverts are purrfectly nice people: dominant nurse Chanel Preston has a treatment for that. A pervert treatment, that is:

the full pervert treatment for Rick Fantana at Divine Bitches: Kink Unlimited / Chanel Preston

The image comes from a Divine Bitches shoot at Kink Unlimited called Nurse Chanel Preston’s Unorthodox Treatment for Perverts, which goes like this:

Welcome to the Divine Bitches Reformatory Clinic. Chanel Preston, head nurse, administers a uniquely unorthodox treatment to the men consigned to her “care”.

Her patient Rick Fantana is a pervert. There’s no getting around this. He’s been in pervert treatment for over a year and shows no sign of improvement. Chanel knows it’s time for the next phase: pain.

Once Rick is fully restrained with leather straps and an open mouth gag, Chanel starts right in. Electric zapper straight to the dick. Caning all of Rick’s sensitive areas. Clamping all his bits. She knows the only way this pervert will learn from his punishments is if she mixes in a little bit of pleasure. Rick’s cock gets hard and drippy but he is not allowed to cum. Edged over and over again by Chanel, he whimpers helplessly.

Phase two of pervert treatment proves more effective. Chanel straps on a huge rubber cock and fucks Rick’s ass. This pervert quickly gets rock hard again.

After the anal pounding, it’s time for Rick to learn a useful skill: pleasing a woman. Rick is made to do cunnilingus on Chanel before she flips him over and uses his dick for an epic orgasm. Then she edges him some more, until he loses all control…

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February 12th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

“He’s Had To Get Talented With His Feet”

cartoon prisoner masturbates with his feet

Via Bondage Blog, this detail from a cartoon raises the interesting question — how many men are flexible enough to masturbate with their own feet? I certainly never have been, but I’ve seen photographic evidence that some men are.

(For the time being, I’m content to play the cartoonist’s game, and disregard the added complication and difficulty of doing it with shoulders dislocated, or nearly so, from such a punishing suspension.)

February 11th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Spying On Lulu At Her Toilette

This bit of Peeping Tom voyeurism comes from the incredibly rare 1948 French comic Les Aventures sentimentales de Lulu (The Sentimental Adventures Of Lulu):

lulu comic panel: she takes a bath unaware of many spies

It’s captioned “Ignorant la presence de nombreux admirateurs, Lulu fait sa toilette matinale.” Which translates to something like “Unaware of the presence of many admirers, Lulu goes about her morning ablutions…”

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