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April 17th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

“Inside Her Decision Loop”

Bondage Blog brings trendy management-speak to bondage porn, in a sequence from a kinky fantasy that might have been borrowed from the TV show Weeds. A woman’s drug deal goes suddenly bad (for certain values of bad), she gets tied up, and her dealer ends up “between her knees and inside her decision loop”:

between her knees and inside her decision loop

Original image credit: Sex And Submission.

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April 16th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

18th-Century Leather Dildo From Poland

According to this story, the Regional Office for the Protection of Monuments in Gdansk, Poland is in possession of a finely-made leather-and-wood sex toy that was discovered while digging out a latrine that dates from the second half of the 1700s.


The dildo is large, thick, made of leather filled with bristles, and has a wooden tip. An archaeologist said

“It was certainly expensive. Cleaning revealed it was made of high quality leather.”

Speculation is that the toy came to be in the latrine after being dropped by the person who was using it.

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April 15th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Tumblr’s “Glitch” That Prohibits Posting Select Adult Links? It’s Baaack…

Does anybody remember when, back in 2013, I blogged about how Tumblr was blocking selected adult links, in particular ones to a clip-sale place called Extra Lunch Money? It was a prior restraint sort of block; you’d hit the post button and if the offending link was present, you’d get a cryptic red “there was a problem saving your post” response.

My prediction back then was that Tumblr would, when caught, claim that the prior link restraint was a glitch:

Beginning during the negotiation of the sale to Yahoo, Tumblr’s practice has been to disadvantage its adult content in silent and hard-to-notice ways, even when that content was fully-consistent with its fairly permissive community guidelines. What’s more, when forced to backtrack by public outrage after the big robots.txt debacle, Tumblr went to great lengths to pretend it was all a misunderstood and unfortunate technical error.

So my prediction here is that if the link-censoring initiative attracts enough negative attention, publishing these links will start working again and Tumblr will either say nothing, or explain that it was all just a glitch. But if this story doesn’t reach critical mass, look for the list of disfavored adult links to continue to grow.

I was right. That’s exactly what happened. The blocked links quickly started working again.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Lady Amalthea posted an alert on her Tumblr blog about a sort of prior restraint that she’d noticed in attempting to post links to various cam sites and clip-sales sites:


Notice that one of her examples of a link Tumblr won’t let her publish is our old friend from 2013, that Extra Lunch Money site. And also notice that one of the people responding to Lady Amalthea’s post says that the block on her other example (My Free Cams) is not new: “Tumblr has never let me link to MFC, btw. That’s not a new thing in case anyone thought it was.”

So I fired up my Tumblr test suite and decided to focus on those two links and (as a control) the top link on her list of links that were working as of yesterday, a link to the clip site Clipvia. So far I haven’t looked at the behavior of any other links, just these three.

What I found is that whether you want to call it a “glitch” or prior restraint, at least some of the link-blocking behavior is definitely back. However, it may indeed be somewhat glitchy; I found that the behavior was inconsistent (not reproducible) as to at least one of the test links.

The first thing I tried was to create a new “Text” style post for each of my three test links, which I created by navigating to the home page of the three sites, copying the URL displayed in my nav bar, and pasting it directly into the new Tumblr post page before hitting the “Save Draft” button. At first, the only link that generated an error message was the one from My Free Cams:


Although I was initially able to save more than one draft posts with the Extra Lunch Money and Clipvia links, subsequent attempts failed:



From there, I moved on to creating new “photo”-type posts. I would upload an image (the same in all cases), paste in the test URL, and attempt to save. In this case, I have not been able to get the Extra Lunch Money link to fail; it’s worked several times when I have tried this experiment:


However, my other two test URLs are not postable:



For my final experiment, I tried editing a post reblogged from someone else, and pasting in all three suspect links. In this, and several other experiments with reblogging, I was unable to generate the mysterious error message, and instead successfully saved my drafts:


My conclusion? If this is indeed a deliberate block of a set of blacklisted links, its implementation is glitchy, because the same link would sometimes post and sometimes fail to post for me. Its implementation is also glitchy across different post types and post actions. However, I don’t believe it’s completely random; there seem to be no reports of unpostable links outside this universe of sites used by camgirls and indy custom adult clips producers. I suspect that Tumblr does indeed have (and has had since at least 2013) a blacklist of not-to-be-published links. (This would even make sense if its use was restricted to protecting Tumblr users from malicious malware installers, to pick one obviously-legitimate use for a blacklist.) There might be an automated process (that’s gone wrong) for adding sites to the blacklist, or there might be a training-and-supervision issue that has let “rogue employees” add stinky adult sites to a list that was not intended for the restraint of adult publication. Given the way different attempts to post the same link have different results at different times, it’s even possible the blacklist is not universally distributed across all of Tumblr’s different server farms.

If enough Tumblr users report this “glitch” to Tumblr support, I expect that eventually the adult links they would like to publish will be removed from the blacklist, since the links do not violate any of Tumblr’s existing terms of service or community guidelines. That’s what Tumblr did last time, and they haven’t announced any new terms or policies (I checked).

Last time Tumblr was flirting with blocking selected adult links from publication, I wrote:

Tumblr is quietly and dishonestly hostile to adult content in general and to adult marketing and self-promotion in particular, even when that marketing complies with their community guidelines in every particular. Which is a nice intro to this morning’s sermon on The Catechism of Bacchus:

  1. Tumblr is, at the end of the day, a blogging service.
  2. As I’ve been saying since at least 2004, blogging services suck.
  3. This is Bacchus’s First Rule and it remains the rule: Anything worth doing on the internet is worth doing on your own server that you control.
  4. You will be tempted to ignore The Rule because of social media network effects.
  5. You may even feel forced to ignore it, because you can’t get enough attention on your own platform.
  6. When you disregard the rule (and everybody does, even me who wrote it) you will get burned.
  7. Count on it. Plan for it. The Pornocalypse Comes For Us All.

Nothing has changed since I wrote that.

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April 14th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Sexing Up An Egyptian Tax-Collection Beating

Some years back in these pages in a post he titled The Ecstasy of Saint Beauty, Dr. Faustus presented a series of examples of Christian religious art in which the eroticism of pain is so shallowly sublimated it might even be said to be celebrated. I’ve got another example for you, I think.

First, have a look at this drawing by Faucher-Godin of “a picture on the tomb of Khiti at Beni-Hasan” in Egypt, which is said by many sources to depict an aggressive tax collection practice:


If there’s a hint of eroticism in this bit of Egyptian figural drawing, I lack the art-historical training to detect it. The figures strike me as both minimalist and distorted, although they are surely graceful.

What happens when an unknown and uncredited engraver in 1844 decided that this Egyptian artwork would make a fine template for a Christian work of religious history, depicting the beating of Hebrew people in bondage to the Egyptians? In The Pictorial History of Palestine and the Holy Land Including a Complete History of the Jews we see the result. This artist surely did not stint at sexing things up:


Detecting the eroticism in this version I leave as an exercise for the student. (Surely even the most blind will not fail to appreciate the addition of a wad of fabric underneath the victim, so that those newly-muscular buttocks are upthrust for the convenience of the man with the big cudgel.)

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April 12th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

A Window’s As Good As A Wall

April 11th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

A Bit On The Busty Side

An anonymous poster writes on the Our Breasts tumblr “as you can see I am a bit on the busty side”:


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April 10th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Kink University: Deep Kissing, Bathtub Sex

kink university

Last week’s fifty-four minute sex tutorial video from Kink University covers two topics that can (and were!) but do not have to be related: deep kissing, and sex in the bathtub.

kink university deep kissing

The lesson, described:

Learn how to spice up your make-out skills with proven tips and techniques that will make you an unforgettable kisser! Plus, discover the joy of sex in the bathtub. Mickey Mod and Juliette March share their porn star secrets for engaging in hot, wet, and wild fucking in the bathroom.

kink university bathtub sex

Given that my own experience of sex in even the fanciest of bathrooms is that there’s a dearth of non-slippery places to plant your hands and feet for safety, security, and leverage, I was pleased to see that the “Sex In The Shower” suction-cup sex handle got a favorable demonstration:

suction cup handle for slippery bathtub sex

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April 9th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

A Breast For Every Star

A cropped version of this image has been floating around on Twitter recently:


When first I saw it, my thought was “Wow, and I thought manga was weird!”

Once source offers this hard-to-scrute academic citation for the image: “Von den 36 Sternbildern, Regensburg ca. 1491. Heidelberg, Universitätsbibliothek, Cod. Pal. Germ. 832, fol. 92r.” Well, that tells me … nothing! (Although it would probably serve as a finding aid if I were in Heidelberg.)

Slightly more illuminating is this Google Books search result. It would seem that “Astronochus” was a constellation name, and that our “centaur-like” many-breasted beast was the fanciful animal shape imagined to be depicted in the stars.

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April 8th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

We ♥ You Too, Amelia

April 7th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Who Hates Sex Workers? And Why?

I have this little theory in which I apportion some of the blame for our culture’s hatred of sex workers. The people I apportion it to: sexually-manipulative wives. In my most recent expression of it, I wrote:

A long time ago in the context of a discussion about porn, I advanced a theory about the historical antipathy between wives and sex workers. This theory seemed so uncontroversial to me that I didn’t think it needed expanding, explaining, or defending; rather, it was the rock-solid background against which I set my argument about porn. Here’s what I said in 2003:

Some women object to porn the way wives object to the idea of prostitutes, and for the same reason: it means they have to use actual sex, rather than their erstwhile monopoly over the possibility of access to sexual stimulus, in order to maintain and enjoy the sexual attention of their men.

Mistress Matisse has another theory. If following the money is an analytic principle that seems wise to you, then her theory may have considerable appeal:

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