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December 14th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Cute Busty Alien Sketch Artist

I prefer to think of this cute alien as a scientist, perhaps a naturalist, sketching the local flora and fauna:

blue alien woman kneeling in a skintight suit with a steno pad and a fancy winged helmet

Sadly, I think the 1972 Jolly cover I cropped this artwork from was trying to make a patriarchal “take a memo” stenographer-pool sex joke that was tired even then.

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December 12th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Their Ghoulish Captors

This pulp-looking art is from a 1970s comic magazine Scream, possibly by the artist “Suso”:

captives of skinless ghouls

I think our girls are in trouble!

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December 10th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Good Sheets Matter

Men sometimes forget — or perhaps never comprehend in the first place — the seductive power of really good bedding. This shot of Kristine Hansen from Kinky Delight may help would-be gentlemen everywhere to remember:

blonde Kristine Hansen rolling on bright white sheets and pillows

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December 8th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Swimming With Vikki Dougan

A sheer white evening dress may not be the perfect swimming attire. But when you’re Vikki Dougan, who famously inspired the Limeliters to write a folk song about her ass cleavage, it will certainly serve. No extra charge for the free pussy flash:

vikki dougan shows her spectacular ass cleavage in a sheer wet white dress in a swimming pool

vikki dougan flashing her pussy

dripping wet vikki dougan climbs out of a swimming pool 1950s

The photos date to the 1950s. Here’s the song:

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December 7th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Happy Swinger

Model Luana Piovani seems to be enjoying life as a swinger:

nudist naturist on a swing set with a big grin

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December 6th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Rainy Day Car Sex

The alley is a little bit seedy and the weather is terrible, but the car is fine and what we can see of the lady seems to match the car:

fucking in a porsche in the rain

Via Kinky Delight. Artwork is from the cover of a Primo magazine.

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December 5th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

How To Rescue 60 Terabytes Of Tumblr Porn

My post this morning gave you the tools to backup and save your own porn tumblr, plus perhaps a handful of others. Good. You’ve carried your fully-loaded book bag safely out of the burning library. Now what else can you do?

Say hello to our rogue archivist friends at Archive Team. Powered by “rage, paranoia, and kleptomania” in all their data-rescue efforts, their Tumblr project page and associated IRC channel indicate that they’re rumbling and grumbling into full power-up mode on this Tumblr #pornocalypse crisis. Their previous data-rescue exploits are legendary. They can’t get it all, but they are going to get a bunch. How can we, how can you, help?

I’ve been monitoring their public-facing channels. From what I can tell, here’s what’s going on. They are tweaking the scripts for the software they use for distributed scraping and downloading. (They call it “Archive Team Warrior.”) When Warrior is ready — hopefully real soon now — if you’ve got a good internet connection you could help by running an instance of that.

But even before it starts to run, they need a list of Tumblr porn blogs to feed into the Warrior. They’ve already got lists of course, massive ones. But the lists are far from complete. They want more and better ones. There’s a web form here where you can contribute your favorite porn Tumblr URLs. The form accepts ten URLs at a time, but you can fill it out as many times as you like. And if you have a much bigger list? Just paste it up online somewhere and paste the URL to that into the form — they’ll make it work.

All told, based on past experience, they figure they have time and bandwidth and volunteers enough to rescue maybe 60 terabytes of porn blogs. That’s enormous — but it’s only a tenth, maybe a twentieth, of the total amount of the porn on Tumblr. (Everybody is guessing; these are wild-ass guesses.) Still, it will be a massive save if it works. What will happen to all that data?

Eventually — and these things can take a lot of time — the idea is that rescued blogs can end up in the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive. Every terabyte that winds up in the Wayback machine adds, they estimate, about $1500 to $2,000 in long term cost. donations are needed, and welcome.