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April 25th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Romance Compass: Online Dating For Marriage

This is a true thing: a friend of mine married a Russian girl he met while touristing over there, some little while after the fall of the Soviet Union. They’re still together, not that they haven’t had one or two rough patches like many another married couple. She’s a tough lady, as you might expect; she was raised by her grandmother, an ever tougher lady, as you could surmise by the fact that Babushka survived the siege of Leningrad. I’ve seen my friend’s wife go from sweetness to “stone bitch” in ten seconds flat, then back again twice as fast. In fact I saw her do that very thing the day before the wedding, which made me question my friend’s sanity even as I saluted his courage and devotion to the concept of True Love by opening another large bottle of Baltika 9. But I knew immediately his bride was a sweetheart, and in the nearly twenty years they’ve stayed married, I’ve come to see that she’s also loyal, thrifty, and hard-working. (She is not, however, a woman you should marry if you do not enjoy eating a wide variety of mysterious root-vegetable-based soups.) My point in mentioning her, though, is to blow up any of those “women from X country are Y” stereotypes you always hear whenever talk turns to online dating for purposes of marriage. Women are people, people; as individualistic as you or me. Every damn one of us is a special snowflake, and you never know what you’re gonna get, until you lick us to get at the flavor…

Most of these sites like where you can find a bride online from a specific part of the world (in this case, Russia and Ukraine) talk up the specific cultural merits of the ladies who are part of their dating-for-marriage service, and that’s perfectly understandable. Cultural differences are a real thing. Partying with Russian girls is not at all like partying with American girls, I can tell you from personal experience; so there’s not one chance on this green earth that being married to a Russian woman is going to be like being married to an American woman, either. In general. On average. By the numbers. But you don’t marry women on average and by the numbers! What this means is, you can’t predict with any great nuance at all what your sweet Slavic princess is going to be like when you’ve been waking up beside her for thirty years. Because her identity as a person far outweighs her identity as a “Russian woman”. (Which is not to say I haven’t met one or two Russian women who would have slapped me upside the head with a sackful of greasy cabbage piroshki for saying so, and then served them to me with a smile on a china plate not half an hour later.)

romance compass screenshot

One helpful feature — not all that new to online dating services, but new to Romance Compass since I last wrote about them — is online video chat. This may matter less to the sort of “casual dating site” services in the US that have mostly now migrated to the hookup apps, but for serious long-distance dating-for-relationship-forming services, I think there’s now little excuse not to have (and use!) video chat. As a veteran of multiple happy and lengthy relationships that began at long distance, I am also a big believer in lots of travel. Yes, it’s expensive, but so is unwinding hasty decisions. That said, enjoy!

romance compass banner

April 24th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

A Hair-Pulling Ancient Egyptian Boink

The last time I attempted to update my 2005 post about the pony girls of ancient Egypt sourced to the fragmentary Turin erotic papyrus was in 2014, at which point the best complete-ish scan/image/reconstruction/drawing of the entire papyrus I could find was only about 200 pixels high, though I did at that time find a larger rough sketch of the ponygirl portion. Kate Lister (@WhoresofYore) always has impeccable sources, so it’s no surprise she’s got better sources on the Turin papyrus than I had found in 2005 or 2014. Thus it was with delight but no surprise at all that I saw her post a high-resolution image of one portion of the papyrus not long ago on Twitter. Here it is, a good old-fashioned bent-over rear-entry hair-pulling ass-slapping boink, dating to approximately 1150 B.C.:

ancient egyptian sex

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April 23rd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

When A Satyr Meets A Silkie

In this engaging erotic short story, an old satyr named Encelados is living alone and lonely on the burning shores of Australia, or the Kurengai shore of Van Diemens Land as he styles it. He’s hot and, even though immortal, feeling old. So he trims his fur and goes for a swim and then he meets … well, you can decide for yourself who he meets, although I think she may be a silkie:

Then she rolled away and was hidden, half-hidden, a pale northern creature, a gleam through the long grass.

He waded, and as he did so he felt a change. Unaccustomed, but welcome, that made him feel young again. The cool water ran along the flanks of his cock as it rose and tightened and his balls squirmed, pulling tight. And when he reached the bank, it stood before him, making its own wake, like the prow of a ship.

At the edge, the water came up to his ribs and the tip of his erection nestled in among the roots and the earth of the underbank, and he rested his forearms on the grass and looked at her, full length, for the first time. This was no nymph and no naiad, but something else, something other. She was not dark enough, nor fleshy enough for his Mediterranean world, but slim, strong and pale, with the cheekbones of the far north and eyes as blue as the pack ice. She was arranged artfully…

The story is The Burning Shore by E.T. Costello.

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April 22nd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Steam Powered Fucking Machine, Mark II

Fifteen years ago I posted a small photo of a steam powered fucking machine to this blog. It was all over the ‘net even then, without attribution (of course); and time has not been kind to the sourcing of that picture. No matter, moving on. Steam powered devices, like any other technology, have generations of improvement; earlier models are clunky and seem improvised, while later models are sleek, well-engineered, and and look more polished. Imagine my amusement, then, to see this photo posted by Jerusalem Mortimer on Twitter from the Prague Museum of Sexual Technology of a much-more-accomplished-looking steam-powered fucking machine:

second-generation steam powered dildo

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April 21st, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday 14 #SoSS

sharing our shit on saturday

I like to Share Our Shit of a Saturday, and this is a Saturday, so:

  1. I link fairly often to Paltego at Femdom-Resource, so I was thrilled to see him mention that he’d given this detailed interview to Miss Ava Zhang. The chance to learn more about him while also linking to and providing visibility to a woman in her line of work that I otherwise would not have known about, at a her own site — which is what these #SoSS posts are all about! — that I normally would not have had an excuse to visit, is a bonus in these trying times.
  2. Since last we checked in with my good friend Dr. Faustus, he’s been busy; his empire of projects and commissions has been churning right along. Notable releases include The Sacrifice Of Gigi, which is an even-darker re-imagining by the artist Faustus Crow (no relation) of one of the scenes from Dr. Faustus’s comic In The Kitchen With Dolcetta. Dr. Faustus also completed publication of his sexy Star Trek parody The Needs Of The Many in both English and Spanish languages. I’m also pleased to announce that Faustus has got me doing image research for him again, and blogging the results at Erotic Mad Science; the first of these commissions appeared yesterday. Finally, a casual image forward on my part has become rather more; after sending him a vintage tube-girl illustration from a Japanese source, Faustus commissioned a paid translation of the accompanying text to provide context for a blog post about the image. Never let it be said that the man is not dedicated to his art!
  3. The History of BDSM blog puts out a monthly roundup of deep-dive and/or thoughtful kink and BDSM links. It’s a pretty impressive effort that’s worth some time if you’re interested in these subjects.
April 20th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

The Most Effective Interrogation

This woman has hit upon a completely irresistible interrogation technique. He is helpless to resist, he must speak. “C’est bien, continue…”

woman on her knees giving a blowjob to get information from a detective or cop

Panels are from a 1980s Elvifrance detective comic.

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April 19th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Moral Inspectors Of Bathing Attire

Those of you who were fascinated by the tale of poor Louise Rosine, jailed in Atlantic City in 1921 for failing to cover her knees on the beach and for having a bad attitude when confronted about this sartorial failing, may be interested in this related cartoon from 1919 from the other side of the Atlantic:

moral inspectors of beach attire

The caption reads: “It is stated that the Borough Council of St. Prudal-on-Sea have appointed inspectors to see that visitors are properly dressed — from the moral point of view — for bathing.” This appears to be lampoonery; Google has no results for “St. Prudal-on-Sea” or “St. Prudal” or “Prudal” or any related place names. Perhaps a pun on prudes and prudery? I can only assume that the cartoon is mocking the same sort of bathing attire regulations that would, two years later in Atlantic City, lead to fisticuffs and arrests. Thanks to Dara Howley on Twitter for unearthing the cartoon from a May 31, 1919 London Life newspaper.

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