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December 19th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Ballet Without Panties

This vintage cartoon comes to us from the department of “if it happened more often, ballet would be much more popular”:


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December 18th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

No Safe Place To Be Adult

Photographer and cinematographer Hywel Phillips is the visual genius behind Restrained Elegance, which I have long considered to be the best and most visually striking of the bondage photography sites that strive to produce pornography and art simultaneously. He, along with his wife and model and business partner Ariel Anderssen aka Amelia Jane Rutherford, are some of the people Spanking Blog calls “porn producer heroes” as they continue to make fetish porn in Britain subsequent to the “latest round of bat-shit crazy UK censorship laws.” In an excellent long-read post yesterday, Hywel cataloged the whole constellation of challenges facing people trying to be adults and to do adult business on the modern internet. He begins:

The internet is no longer a safe place to be an adult. Puritans and authoritarians are closing in from all directions: state censorship, financial censorship and corporate censorship. This sounds like paranoia, but it isn’t. Here’s why.

There’s really no way to summarize the post for you; all I can do is commend it to your attention. Although his post ranges much more wildly, he covers (and shares) many of the concerns I have hash-tagged #Pornocalypse when discussing corporate discrimination against adult materials, adult businesses, and adult-oriented web traffic. He even touches briefly on what I used to call Bacchus’s First Rule of the Internet, or as Hwel puts it:

First, don’t rely on any service where you are not the direct customer. Don’t blog on blogger, get a little bit of web space (ideally hosted in country with protected speech), install WordPress and do it yourself.

I’ve stopped harping on my “rule” because social media have made it… not less essential, but perhaps less sufficient? Despite numerous software efforts and projects (which Hwel discusses in passing) there’s still no good self-hosted way to enjoy the network effects of social media. And that lack makes my notion of pornocalypse all the more chilling, since every big web property and social media silo eventually seems to reach that point in the corporate life cycle where it appears sensible to start banning all the porn. Before the internet, we lived in a world where you could not be heard unless your message was acceptable to corporate sensibilities. The World Wide Web changed all that, but now, corporate social media and squeamish search engines are taking us back to those bad, bland, and puritanical old days.

But now I’m rambling. Hwel does not ramble. Check his post out.

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December 17th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Sexy Krampus

sex-appeal Krampus

The first line of this vintage German Krampus card reads something like “The Krampus loves also sex appeal” but Google Translate makes an absolute hash of the second line. I trust that someone will volunteer a fuller translation in the comments? Danke sehr in advance!

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December 15th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Getting Felt Up

Oh, no, she doesn’t like this at all:

Derrick Pierce with his hand up Savannah Fox's panties making her happy

From a recent shoot at the newish Dungeon Sex site. That’s Derrick Pierce with his hand in Savannah Fox’s panties.

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December 14th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

European Teen Lust

She’s got him right where she wants him: at her feet in her own fancy bedroom.

teen lust and tender femdom

But he doesn’t stay at her feet for long, does he? No, that was never her plan:

teen lust in Europe

From Euro Teen Erotica, part of the DDF network.

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December 14th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Her Maid’s Assistance

December 12th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Sexy Stocking Stuffers: An ErosBlog Gift Guide

christmas sale banner

It’s the time of year again for The Stockroom to run its famous SeXmas sale, and this is the weekend you want to place your orders; the deadline for free shipping (for orders over $129) expires on Tuesday the 16th and after that, you’ll need an express delivery option for Christmas goodies to arrive on time. I love this sale but I have to tell you, even with discounts up to fifty percent off, it’s too easy to spend a ton of money on sex toy gifts and BDSM goodies! Thus you may wonder what good all of this is to you if you’re trying to navigate the holiday shopping season on a sharply limited budget, as so many Americans must. Behold, a suggestion:

inexpensive sex toys for cheap

Being somewhat limited myself in the Christmas budget department this year, my eyes were drawn this year to the Stockroom’s Holiday Gift Guide, and in particular to the Gifts Under $25 page. This stuff is a mix of small toys that were always inexpensive, plus some sale items that are great bargains in the under-$25 price range, making it a good resource for filling sexy stockings and putting small-but-hot presents under your tree. (Don’t worry, they also have a Money Is No Object page for you, if your ship just came in, your startup just got acquired, or your huge bonus is burning a hole in your pocket.)

The first duty of any would-be Santa Clause is to make sure that sufficiently naughty persons receive in their stockings some modern analogue of the traditional admonitory switches and lumps of coal. Authentic switches cut from a hardwood tree are free, to be sure, but if your budget stretches to small luxuries, you’ll both have a lot more fun with the more-luxurious short wide black leather riding crop or the festive-but-cruel red fiberglass cane:

short leather riding crop

red fiberglass cane for caning

But perhaps you’re in more of a candy-and-flowers mode in your current relationship? Winter is a tough time to buy fresh flowers, but these feather roses are just as pretty while much longer-lasting. Plus, you can tickle people with them!

feather rose tickler

Candy is not so much a Stockroom specialty, but they do have one sweet treat available. This is, in my opionion, the very nicest possible way to tell someone that the time has come for them to please shut the fuck up: a hard-candy gag!

gobstopper jawbreaker hard candy ball gag

If stuffing more than a stocking is on your Christmas agenda, then how about some inexpensive insertables? The gift guide leads us to big dildos, anal plugs of all sizes, and cute-but-tiny “Pocket Toyfriends” vibrators:

huge penis dildos in various colors

black rubber anal plugs in different sizes

small tickler vibes and vibrators

Or, maybe candles? Candlelight is sexy, candles smell very nice, and if they are specially designed to melt at a warm but not-too-hot temperature, you have a wax play candle that’s more massage than masochism. Perfect for cold winter nights, right?

hot wax play and massage candle

If there’s a penis in particular that’s on your shopping list this Christmas, you can’t go far wrong by pleasuring, constraining, or adorning it. Various goodies suitable to these tasks include the Tenga Deep Throat Masturbator, the legendary 7 Gates Of Hell, or the stylish and inexpensive Falcon cock rings made of Borosilicate glass:

tenga male masturbator pocket pussy

seven gates of hell penis cage prison

smoke grey gray glass cock rings

I could go on like this at even greater length. Why, we haven’t even gotten to the bondage goodies, like the rope or the thumbcuffs or the blindfold or the red ball gag. (Santa says “Homph Homph Homph!”) I haven’t even mentioned the famous fetish sex book Violet Blue wrote, or the pegging DVD that Tristan Taormino made. But that’s all right, because by now, you either get the idea, or you’re never gonna get it. Check the gift guide, place your order, boom! That’s your sexy Christmas shopping sorted.

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December 11th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Milked Man

A delicate prostate milking three times a day is the prescription this naughty but meticulous nurse has come up with for the man in her long-term ward. Her graduated beaker lets her keep careful records of his semen productivity, but she always worries that they’ll be disturbed before she can swallow the evidence:

naughty nurse is delicately fingering the prostate of the male patient that she milks for semen three times a day

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December 10th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Naked Sword-Fighting

This looks like fun, but I’m not sure these nudist fencers are wearing enough safety equipment:


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December 9th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Monkey Suit Madness

Predatory furries, you have to watch out for them:

person in a scary plush animal suit attacking a woman

From a vintage (I think) postcard you can see uncropped if you click the photo. (Always click the photo!)

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