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August 15th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

To Serve Woman

This illustration is both bizarre and surreal, if you think about it too much. Is the naked woman tiny, or the chef huge? Are those devil horns peeking out of the chef’s hat? Is she cooked and served, or merely “sleeping” on that service tray? And what the actual fuck is going on, there on her flank, or possibly her belly, depending on the extent to which her spine is contorted for that pose?

woman served by hellish chef

It’s possible that a reader of French could tease some useful insight out of the context, but it’s utterly beyond my abilities with machine translation. This artwork is by Lucien Boucher, and it illustrated an article, or perhaps a column, having the title Ne pas Dételer in the February 1950 issue of Voici Paris.

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August 13th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

She Sucks Two Dicks For The Price Of One

Satisfactorily sucking two dicks at the same time is a serious life skill that this freckle-faced redhead appears to have thoroughly mastered. I don’t know if one goes to school in order to learn how to do this, or if it’s a matter of hanging out at the beach after dark all summer and just getting a whole lot of practice:

redhead licking and sucking the tip of two dicks at the same time

double blowjob

sucking two dicks

Artwork is by Cambiotti.

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August 11th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Flash Panties For Pickup

We’ve seen quite a few strategies for pretty hitchhikers getting rides here on ErosBlog, but the panty flash seems like a reliable standby:

panty flashing hitchhiker waits for a ride

Artwork is from the cover of The Horny Hitchhiker.

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August 9th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Sonia Forgot Her Panties

These lost panties discovered too late could be Sonia’s recurring anxiety nightmare, but in fact they are the humorous centerpiece of a saucy postcard in the style first written about in these pages by Dr. Faustus:

figure skater forgot her red panties

The “Taylor” signature almost certainly refers to Arnold Taylor, one of the four main stable artists of the comic postcard company Bamforth, who pioneered the British naughty postcard business.

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August 6th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

A Reluctant French Girl Sucks It

She may be reluctant, but when she commits to the whole blowjob thing, she commits:

reluctant frenchwoman ordered to suck a dick

reluctant blowjob

The art is by Olson.

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August 4th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

The Attack Of The Tentacle Dicks Monster

There’s no escaping the attack of the tentacle-dicks monster!

A very friendly monster with lots and lots of tentacle dicks

Dick-tentacle artwork is by Frank Strom in The Celibate Sorceress.

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August 2nd, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Let Her Breathe, You’re Choking Her!

Everybody enjoys a lover with enthusiasm and a nice firm grip. But I hope he remembers to relax a little and let his lady breathe once in a while!

choking during sex is fun but only to a point!

Art is by Typo.

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