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November 22nd, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Racial Diversity In Vintage Euro Bondage Porn

It’s very hard to find vintage porn made in America that features dark-skinned models without also finding great swathes of traditional US-flavored racism. European racial hangups, while far from absent, are at least different, which makes the casual racial diversity occasionally found in vintage Euro-porn rather refreshing at times. This photo via Bondage Blog from the French publication Continental Club is a nice example:

black and white slave girls from Continental Club

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November 21st, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Kama Sutra, Palm Leaf Book Edition

Some time ago an Internet Archive engineer tweeted two photos of a palm leaf book edition of the Kama Sutra at the Internet Archive, from which I have abstracted the following details:

kama sutra palm leaf sex book

india sex book on palm leaves

It is unclear to me whether the palm leaf Kama Sutra has yet been scanned and added to the Internet Archive’s digital collection; it’s not popping up in the most obvious search, but I’m well aware that (a) searching the Archive is not for amateurs; (b) quite deliberately, the Archive focuses on data acquisition and preservation first and data visibility (search tools) second, because data is always vanishing at Library-of-Alexandria-on-fire rates while search can always be improved later; and (c) as part of (b), the Archive takes in physical objects all the time that they don’t immediately digitize because of budget and resource constraints. So whenever there’s something you suspect the Internet Archive has, but you can’t find it or get to it, the twin answers are “chill and wait” and “give them money.”

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November 20th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Penis In The Sky, Navy Edition

navy sky penis

An official at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington state confirmed some “fun with contrails” dick-pic skywriting naval-aviator shenanigans recently, stating in what must have been the most fun-killing possible tones: “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

Quote and photo via local TV website, which refers to the sky penis as “obscene skywritings” and thus revealed itself as being approximately one thousand years behind the times in its understanding of obscenity.

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November 19th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

The, Uh, Spice? Must Flow!

Dune was never like this. For that matter, neither were any of the Tremors movies. But that Worm-God, he’s got to be placated somehow, and these ladies appear to have been elected:

nubile naked sacrifices to the worm god

Artwork is from the cover of the French pulp Sexovid #3, and dearly would I like to know what that cover conceals…

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November 18th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday #SoSS

It’s Share Our Shit Saturday time again:

  1. From BJ’s Gay Porno-Crazed Ramblings, a motorcycle post that includes this surprisingly tasteful photo of a motorcycle cop with his pants down to his knees doing some, ah, community policing.
  2. Paltego at Femdom Resource has some advice for taking Pacific-Northwest bushy pubes to the dommes of Los Angeles: Don’t. “Nobody likes a 70s style bush in SoCal.”
  3. A deep dive by Pandora/Blake into the privacy and antitrust implications of the age verification requirements for British porn sites (as well as for international porn sites that prove to be subject in practice to the uncertain reach of British law) coming in 2018. It’s been evident for a long time that the age-verification requirements are ill-considered and look set to create a series of rolling disasters for the British porn industry and its customers; whether anybody in British politics will notice or care, among the greater political chaos there, is a whole ‘nother question.

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November 17th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Seven Vintage Art Nudes

According to Kinky Delight where this photo appeared, this vintage art nude photo tableaux is by photographer Albert Arthur Allen:

seven naked women

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November 16th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Divisive Sex Clams

Yes, it’s the sex clams that are causing the Republicans so much trouble in Alabama just now:

divisive sex clams causing Roy Moore trouble in Alabama

Damn you, you divisive sex clams!

Via Twitter.

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