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December 4th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Going Back In

December 2nd, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Patronize This!

opera company seeks royal patron

I am in the research phase of setting up a Patreon page for ErosBlog, with an eye toward keeping the lights on and building the chance to do more of what I do best. “Research phase” in this context means studying how people I respect are doing it; and thus have I have been reading a lot of compelling Patreon pitches, and coming to the conclusion that we all need to be doing more to highlight patronage-supported projects of our friends, peers, mentors, heroes, and creative people we could not live without. Hence this post, which I hope will be the first of a lengthy if occasional series.

Today I want to highlight the Patreon pages of three women who have been doing excellent work in the adult/erotic space for at least as long as I’ve been blogging. But first, perhaps just a few words about the growing importance of the peer-patronage economic model?

As I see it, we live in a world where the old economic orders are breaking down. Automation, globalization, and information technology have utterly disrupted the reliable wage-and-salary economies upon which most of us depended, while the internet has killed the traditional publishing models that used to keep artists and creatives (a few of them, anyway) in day-old bread and thinning shoe leather. Late-stage capitalism seems increasingly predatory and self-referential; it pays only for what it values, its values are increasingly estranged from the culture that supports it, and precious little sustenance trickles down from the well-caulked boats being buoyed up on its rising tide. The creativity that brings us joy is no longer likely to be well-supported in the market, and relying on the patronage of the wealthy (although a time-honored survival strategy of artists everywhere) has its limits in the tastes of the wealthy. If this were not true, why would #pornocalypse — which at heart is about the squeamish unwillingness of the investing class to have its money associated with sexual culture — even be a thing?

One approach to a solution is crowdfunding. A duke or a titan of industry can support an entire opera company, but the company (predictably enough) will perform mostly the operas the duke enjoys. The internet lets us democratize this patronage model; I’m no duke, but I can (at least in a good month) afford a dollar here or a fiver over there to support something that delights me. The same internet that destroyed the traditional publishing model now lets an artist who draws anally-obsessed anthropomorphic ponies find support in a hundred or a thousand places. No more insufficiently-perverted dukes gate-keeping our pornography!

But finding each other is still a challenge in this newly-democratized peer-patronage model. The internet makes such finding possible, but does not make it easy. So that’s my inspiration for this post: to try and help with that. Here are three tireless women who deserve all the support they can get, and whose creative energy will more than repay us for whatever support we can provide. I’ve “known” all of them for more than a decade without ever meeting any of them, but what I “know” may not always be the face that they choose to present to the world today, so for purposes of this series, I’m just going to amplify their own words as found on their own crowdfunding pages:

Violet Blue at Patreon

I’ve created and run the oldest sex culture blog on the internet ( I’ve authored dozens of indie books in a turbulent and censorious market. And I regularly make news by reporting on hacking and privacy, companies behaving badly, and injustices to at-risk populations. I’ve bootstrapped my site and everything that goes with it, I work at industry rates (which aren’t great), I constantly have to chase down people who take months to pay invoices for my writing, and I was homeless as a kid, so I only have me. I want to do so much more.

I want to grow all of this.

If you’ve ever followed me or my work, you’ve seen how hard I fight for people who need a voice in their own conversations — and you’ve seen how badly I get attacked, censored (Libya, Apple, Focus on the Family, Amazon search, Facebook, the list goes on). You’ve also seen my work cause positive change, like drawing attention to PayPal’s financial discrimination against sex workers, getting Tumblr’s NSFW search reinstated properly. And maybe some of my work has touched your life, too.

I’m freelance and indie. This means I’m not beholden to interests or advertisers, and no one will ever control what I say. But there are many business tools I cannot use, because the topic of half of what I cover is sex — plus, like many, I’m affected by things like Amazon deciding to deep-six searches for indie books about sex.

Alison Tyler at Patreon

My name is Alison Tyler, and I’m an insomniac. Since I don’t value sleep, I write. All the time. If you see me at a 24-hour diner, I’ll be writing. If I’m stopped in traffic, I’m scribbling with a ballpoint on the back of my hand. That light on in the window at 3 a.m.? That’s me. Hope I didn’t disturb you.

To date, my career has been a whirlwind—a drive in a fast car, on a mountain road with winding hills. Was it being in the right place at the right time, sheer luck, or a refusal to give up? No clue. But I’ve managed to work for Masquerade, Black Lace, Plume, Harlequin, Penthouse, and others.

There’s no safety net here. I’m in my glitter and rhinestones. Let’s run off together and make our own circus.

Pandora Blake at Patreon

I’m Pandora Blake, the award-winning feminist porn producer and performer. I’ve been making kinky films since 2011, when I launched Dreams of Spanking, my website dedicated to ethically-produced BDSM erotica. The site is radical in prioritising gender diversity, explicit behind the scenes enthusiastic consent, and equal pay for equal work.

My erotic films express my own kinky fantasies and are sex-positive, body-positive, and strongly rooted in queer politics. I’m proud to say that my work has won multiple international awards, as well as attracting a wonderful fan base – until the UK porn censor ATVOD stepped in and shut my site down in August 2015 under new anti-porn legislation. After a drawn-out campaign, I’m delighted to have successfully won an appeal against the ruling, and the site is now back online, officially exempt from the new legislation.

Since fighting that battle I’ve had to learn a lot about porn law – and I’ve been increasingly called upon to speak publicly on issues of sex work law reform, censorship and obscenity law, sexual freedom, kink acceptance and ethical porn. I was honoured to be awarded Publicist of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards 2015 for my efforts advocating for sex workers’ rights and against porn censorship. Now, I’m taking that work to the next level.

movie patrons

Image Credit (directly above): Movie patrons in an advertisement for the National Cash Register Company’s new ticket-printing register, from the Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual 1916.

Image Credit (top of post): An opera company seeks royal patronage for French opera by throwing vulgar English theatre under a train, from an 1841 issue of Punch.

December 1st, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Running Away

I’ll confess, it’s not one hundred percent clear to me why this man with no pants appears frightened and is running away from the nice nurse and her two friendly friends:


Thanks to Pulp Librarian for the artwork.

November 30th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Winning The Sexfight

Here’s a special little tale of conflict that might have inspired the concept of the winner-fucks-loser girl-wrestling website Ultimate Surrender:

Janet pulled the box closer and opened the lid. When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. In the box were two large strap on dildos and a couple of sets of handcuffs.

“What’s this for?” Janet asked, while shooting a hard look at her rival.

“I’m challenging you to a duel”, Susan replied. “I love Steve and I’m willing to fight for him. I dare you to meet me in a sexfight with Steve as the prize. I propose that we meet in the nude with these strap on dildos and our hands cuffed behind our backs. The winner gets Steve and the loser goes away and doesn’t come back.

Janet studied the blonde for several minutes and then said, “I accept, name your time and place.”

… Janet’s heart beat like a war drum in her ears. She was stark naked, with both hands cuffed behind her back and locked in the same room as her worst enemy. There was no where to run and no where to hide. The long tool between her legs was her only hope, her only weapon against a women bent on destroying her.

The two rivals stared at each other in stony silence. The only sound in the room was the faint buzzing of the light fixture. As if by some secret signal that only they could understand, the two women started walking toward each other. Stopping just a couple of feet apart, they began to circle. The dildos strapped to their waists, bobbed gently up and down, their glistening tips only inches apart.

“I’m going to make you sorry you ever messed with me”, Susan whispered as they circled. “I’m going to fuck you raw. You won’t be able to take any man inside you after I’m done.”

“Oh yeah”, Janet replied. “You’re dreaming bitch. I’m going to shove this dong into places you don’t even know you have yet.”

“Come on and just try it”, Susan snarled.

With a low growl, the two women slammed into each other, breast to breast. Beneath them, the dildos came together with a plastic clatter and dug into their stomachs as they pressed against each other. The sexfight was ON!

Taking a small step back, Susan spread her legs wide in invitation.

“Come here and fight me you little bitch”, she snarled.

Janet spread her legs and bent her knees, moving up until their pussies were only inches apart, the plastic dildos swaying above.

“You want some of me come and get it”, Janet replied.

Bending low, Susan leaned back and thrust up at her rival. Janet twisted to the left and Susan’s dildo slid over the top of her bare left thigh. Janet stooped lower and thrust back, missing her bushy blonde target and leaving a trail of gel on Susan’s stomach.

Standing nearly on top of each other, the two young women continued to rock their hips, trading thrust for thrust. Each tried to kneel lower that the other so that she could shove her dildo up and into her rival’s unprotected cunt. The hard plastic dongs beat against each other as they twisted and fought, thrusting their hips wildly.

They battled on for several minutes, missing over and over as the dildos darted back and forth, bouncing and sliding, then suddenly it happened. Janet had just missed with a thrust, the dong passing between Susan’s thighs and over but not into her vagina. As Janet started to pull back for yet another try, Susan rocked forward and thrust upward, the tapered point of her dildo slipping easily into Janet’s exposed sex. Janet gasped in shock as Susan, smiling now, pushed the big thick dong about half way into her. Janet straightened up and stumbled backwards. Susan tried to follow, but was just a little too slow, allowing Janet to slide off the dildo and escape.

The sex fight goes on inconclusively like this for quite some little time, before the ladies decide to get serious about it…

From The Challenge by Hal.

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November 29th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Where’s Bert?

There’s a challenge associated with this photo:


Of course that’s Rod Stewart, from the 1980 book Rock Stars In Their Underpants.

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November 28th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Flossing Her Sinuses…With A Condom

condom up her nose and out her mouth

This cute-but-silly party trick comes with one strong reason not to try it: accidental condom inhalation is a thing. A thing you do not want.

(The picture you see is a .gif animation that’s fairly data-heavy, so you may have to wait a bit before the picture starts moving.)

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November 25th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Black Friday Sex Toy Shopping Tip

Right now there are ten thousand sex toy bloggers lighting up their blogs and your social media feeds with Black Friday sales, special offers, and coupon codes for individual sex toy deals. I can’t compete with that cacophony, and what’s more I don’t want to compete with it. Instead, I want to offer you a “smart shopper” tip that I’m not seeing elsewhere.

My favorite sex toy outlet has a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale every year, with a long list of items discounted from 30%-70%. So far, so ho-hum — although there are always a couple of very tempting 70%-off items. This year it’s an adjustable metal spreader bar in non-threatening pink (LOL) and some stylin’ screw-type nipple clamps. But no: what makes this year’s Black And Blue special actually special is the fifteen percent discount-code-at-checkout, which applies to non-sale items as well as to sale items:


The sex toy shopping tip I promised hangs on that unusual discount code. My advice is to shop the code, not the sales. Ignore the sale items and go shopping for the expensive sex toys that never get discounted anywhere. I would start with the top-drawer name-brand designer vibrators and the metal and art glass dildos and plugs. (Where else are you seeing a chance to save almost 45 bucks off the price of an Njoy Eleven?) Consider the large silicone toys, also; they rarely get much discount love, because the silicone in them costs so much. And finally, of course, if you were ever dreaming of dungeon furniture, expensive e-stim gear, or a fucking machine, this discount code is your new best friend.

Shop the “cyberthanks” discount. Use it wisely, on expensive items that don’t usually see discounts. That’s my Black Friday sex toy shopping tip for you. Enjoy!