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March 22nd, 2019 -- by Bacchus

The Wisdom Of Charles Manson: On Pornography

A few wise words about porn, from a seemingly-unlikely source:

Charles Manson: “Pornography? I been looking at it all my life, and it hasn’t affected me anything!”

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March 21st, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Newlywed Sex: Second Time’s The Charm

In The Four-Way Bride by Curt Aldrich, we join our newlywed heroine Millie mid-reverie, as she is remembering her first-time wedding night sex a week before:

“It’s in!” Danny exclaimed, breathing hard. “Baby, it’s in you!”

Danny was pulling and thrusting … jabbing … burrowing … wedging his hard cock deeper and deeper into Millie’s virginal slit. The sensations which she felt were more startling than painful. There was no pleasure. She was still holding her breath, letting only enough air in and out to keep her lungs functioning.

But as Danny’s massive rigidity tore ever more deeply into her belly, bringing no added pain, Millie began gradually to relax. The slight soreness at the mouth of her vagina, though aggravated by the friction of his shaft, was tolerable. With relaxation came Millie’s first voluptuous response.

It felt good to have a cock inside her, stroking and going deep. She writhed and let out a little moan. She resumed active breathing, though her breaths were heavy and uneven.

“Unnh … oh … oh God, that’s good!” Danny panted.

“Yes … yesss.” She closed her eyes and twisted her lips. Almost of their own accord, her hips started moving with his.

The sheathing snugness of his bride’s virginal pussy, now bobbing jerkily around his fast-stroking shaft, gave Danny such intense stimulation that he couldn’t hold off the orgasm which was welling up in him. He groaned exultantly, his whole body stiffened, and his prick rammed deep inside her. She gasped, then mewed with pleasure as she felt her husband’s warm spurts, accompanied by a spastic twitching of his embedded rod.

Danny sighed and lapsed forward.

Millie lay motionless beneath him except for the rise and fall of her cushioning breasts. She felt as if she were on a carnival ride that had slowed in preparation for a new burst of frenzied motion. But the burst didn’t come. Millie found herself experiencing a vague and unfulfilled sense of excitement.
Danny’s cock was softening and shrinking inside her. He was getting heavy. The dull soreness at the mouth of her vagina persisted, but that didn’t bother Millie any longer. She was more concerned about a vague anxiety that mocked both her earlier fear and her briefly awakened desire.

Is it over? she wondered. Was that all?

Danny pushed back, his soft penis slurping out of her. He grinned boyishly. “Pretty good, huh?”
“I … I guess so,” Millie said.

Is this what Mama warned me so much about? Millie asked herself in amazement. This nothing?

“Baby, you’re wonderful!” Danny purred, snuggling down against her, wrapping her in his strong arms. “I love you!”

“I love you, too,” Millie replied almost mechanically.

At that moment she wasn’t sure how she felt about anything, except that her nerves remained taut—not from fear any longer, but from some cause she didn’t understand.

In less than a minute Danny fell asleep, his arms still draped around her, his head resting against her neck. Millie eased herself clear of him and lay staring at the dim ceiling. Finally she dropped off …
“Fuck with me, baby!” Danny was saying excitedly. “Ooh, man! God damn! Oh, that’s wild!”

The room was still dark, and Danny was atop her. He lay sprawled between her thighs, supporting his torso on straight arms planted next to her shoulders, and he was pistoning his hard cock inside her at a frenzied rate. Millie’s blonde hair tossed about the pillow. Her full tits quivered. Her belly was pounding upward to absorb her husband’s rapid strokes.

The whole thing seemed to have happened of its own accord, and Millie hadn’t become aware of what she was doing until she was in the midst of it.

“That’s good … oh, it’s good!” she panted. “I love it!”

“Yeah!” Danny said huskily. “Yeah! Oooh, God damn!”

His prick was a wondrous thing—thrusting, gliding, pumping, filling her with the throbbing power of his love. Millie was reaching for him eagerly, absorbing with her warm, moist pussy his every jarring plunge. She thrilled as his inrushing prick expanded the elastic sheath of her vagina, warming her insides. She felt his big balls flop against her tingling anus.

The carnival ride was really swinging now—wheeling, dipping, climbing.


Fireworks seemed to burst around her … in her. Her brain wheeled giddily.

“Oooh God, baby! Wow! Oh … Unnh!” Danny cried.

The thrusting stopped, and there was a pooling of warmth in Millie’s belly.

She clutched her strong young husband with her legs as well as her arms and they rocked from side to side, moaning and panting from the bliss that had come to them in the middle of the night…

Our new bride’s big problem, and the dramatic tension in this vintage Greenleaf Reader stroke book, is created by the fact that, a week after the wedding, her silly husband just managed to get thrown off a horse and break his leg. So the newlywed sex has dried up and now he’s no good to her at all. But he does have a bunch of loutish and horny brothers hanging around…

cover art from The Four-Way Bride by Curt Altrich (Greeleaf Press)

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March 20th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Wife Selling At Public Auctions

one of the public wife auctions by which Britons would adjust an unhappy marriage when divorce was not an option

We here at ErosBlog have been aware since 2004 of the historic British practice of holding public wife auctions. When I first posted about this wife selling, I called it “slightly less obnoxious than it sounds” and “a means of adjusting unhappy marriages in an era where divorce was unavailable.” But that was an impression based on very little historical information and context.

Thus I am delighted to refer you to A brief history of when men sold their wives at market, and why some women enthusiastically consented to it by the learned and erudite Dr. Kate Lister, known to this audience and on Twitter as @WhoresofYore. She writes there:

So, what was an unhappy working class couple to do if they no longer wanted to be with one another? The options available were to grin and bear it, try and get an annulment (tricky), desertion, bigamy, or to tie a rope around their neck and sell them at market to the highest bidder.

In the centuries before legal divorce was accessible, selling your partner to someone else allowed working class couples to be publicly separated.

To auction off his wife, a husband would lead her to a public meeting place, such as a marketplace or a tavern, usually with a halter around her neck to resemble livestock. Sometimes ribbons were used to symbolise ropes and harnesses, but not always. The sale would have been advertised beforehand to drum up interest and occasionally an auctioneer would oversee the event. Some sales would have been a more private affair that took place down the pub, but it was important there were witnesses. Flogging your wife at a cattle market may seem grotesquely abusive, but the vast majority of these sales were carried out with the full and enthusiastic consent of the wife.

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March 18th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Two Naked Blondes In A Deadly Sword Duel

I can’t tell whether this deadly duel between two naked blondes with live blades is supposed to be taking place in a museum with really bad security, or in one of those monumental mansions built of old money where antique swords with sharp points and edges are just lying around, waiting to be picked up by random house guests and family members with temporary grudges that need to be turned into very permanent feuds:

two blondes in a deadly naked sword duel

The artwork is from the cover of Il Triangolo #2.

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March 17th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Sixty-Nine, Vintage And Athletic

If you think the phenomenon of porn actors and actresses contorting themselves into difficult positions for the camera is something new, the hovering actress in this vintage sixty-nine photo may disabuse you of the notion:

mutual oral sex: vintage sixty-nine from Vintage Lust

From Vintage Lust.

March 16th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Lesbians With Legal Impunity

It turns out that back in the day, when homosexuality was illegal (for various values of illegal) in most places in the United States, the laws as written were targeted pretty directly at male homosexuality. Lesbians, most places, got off fairly easily, or was not targeted by the law at all. This lesbian impunity was the subject of the following headline in the May, 1957 Sir! magazine, along with a very fetching butch-presenting model:

lesbian impunity as explained in Sir! magazine, 1957: "Lesbians Are Not Legally Liable"

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March 15th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Conversation Through A Glory Hole

I don’t know a lot about gay cruising etiquette back in the day, but my sense is that it was pretty rough and ready. I don’t think it usually required a lot of talk or seduction in those notorious mens’ rooms. Nonetheless, I guess a few words sometimes passed through the glory holes before the dicks were introduced:

gay men having a conversation through a glory hole

Artwork is from an undated vintage gay porn magazine called Glory Hole: A Study Of Homosexual Activity In Public Places.

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