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November 14th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Another Intrepid Pussy Inspector

This image gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “private eye”, don’t you think?

sherlock holmes type detective inspecting pussy

The artwork is from the cover of Caccia Grossa #3.

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November 13th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Spitting In His Mouth

One of the oddities of modern porn that I am too old and staid to appreciate is, well, all the spitting. Usually in the porn I see it’s a man spitting on a woman’s pussy, or into her mouth; and it’s not usually a big thing, just a little note of humiliation in a rough sex scene (the kind we used to call “gonzo porn” but nowadays we just call “porn”). But some producers and directors seem determined to do this in every damned movie! And I don’t know why. It’s definitely not my kink, and I wouldn’t have known it was anyone’s if it didn’t keep happening in recently-made stuff.

Thus I was almost relieved to come across this 1970s Japanese femdom fetish illustration that proves it’s (a) not new and (b) not necessarily a gendered thing. Of course there never are any new things in sex, but it’s a point that can always stand to be remade with fresh evidence:

three women spitting in a submissive man's mouth

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November 12th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Voyeur House: A Reinvented Classic

These days, when most erotic camsites are places you go to enjoy a performance from an erotic entertainer, usually on an individual-transaction basis, it’s easy to forget (unless you are a web-oldster like me) that the early days of webcamming were not like that. The first sexy webcams were entirely voyeuristic: free (and very quickly, once their popularity overwhelmed their bandwidth) paid-subscription surveillance-type fixed cameras. Fans watched them for hours and days on end, hoping for a glimpse of titty as the women who ran them lived their normal lives. Sure, those women were likely to be free-spirited hedonistic exhibitionists who showed a lot of skin. If they weren’t at first, they quickly became so, once they started selling subscriptions and noticing what sort of behavior kept the subscribers coming back for more! But even so, many of these early surveillance-cam sites had just one or two cameras, and often they showed nothing but a dark room, or an empty one. Still they attracted hundreds of thousands of fans and customers, creating the entire camgirl industry that we know and love today.

Voyeur House recreates the voyeuristic charm of those early camsites, but by combining nine locations and more than seventy cameras with a subscription model and an archive of recorded footage of “the good stuff” for members, there’s nothing to fear from the dreaded “dark room camera” that used to plague those old sites. Sure, you may see a dim room with sleeping people from time to time, but it’s never the only thing to look at:

Voyeur House screenshot

At the moment when the sleeping couple above was on the front page, I clicked to a different camera and found a woman elsewhere, getting dressed:

woman getting dressed on a couch

A few minutes later she was sitting fully clothed on that couch, working a wireless keyboard intensely; I watched her until I got bored, which didn’t take long. The point of that exercise was to convince myself that I wasn’t being suckered by bot/loop/non-live extra-salacious footage. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any marketers out there subtle enough to lure me in with a naked woman who gets dressed and then types furiously and at length, so I was fairly quickly convinced that this cam footage was both live and legit.

Indeed, the marketing stuck me as being rather straightforward and honest in appearance: lots of semi-blurred salacious-looking thumbnails labeled “MEMBERS” or with a “24” logo indicating rewind footage that’s for members only. The sexiest thumbs are from some popular archived sex scenes, but members also have access to some bedroom and bathroom cams that are typically not available for free, as well as to 24-hour-archives of every camera. So there’s plenty to see if you drop in for free, but you definitely need to be a member to get the most voyeuristic value from all these cams.

Voyeur House banner

November 11th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

This Could Be The Final Word On Porn

My commentary would be superfluous:

And yet lo I am a man, so here I am flapping my fingertips with the commentary anyway. In fact I have spent a lot of time and bashed up a lot of keyboards over the last sixteen years on this blog addressing particulars: posting a particular porn image, analyzing it as art, speculating about what it means. As a matter of editorial policy, ErosBlog (the blog is me!) is pro-porn and 100% coming from the notion that you can’t wedge a playing card between the baskets that “porn” and “art” live in.

Mostly I have only contempt for the conversations about porn that are seeking to disestablish porn from the realm of culture. In the early days of the blog, I would read them and sometimes post derisive responses to them. Nowadays I rarely even read them. I have pushed fifty. I don’t have time. The music analogy is a good one. You don’t like folk music? Don’t listen! But I am not going to engage with your 4,000-word thinkpiece on how folk music should be banned because of its pernicious effects on banjo players and folk festival attendees. Folk music is here to stay and I can only read so many more words before I die. Your attempt to destroy a cultural force that offends you will not be among them.

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November 10th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

A Sheikly Seduction

Nobody defines “hard act to follow” like Rudolf Valentino. This may be why the 1977 biopic Valentino was a flop — who could play him? But Rudolf Nureyev gave it the old college try, and this lobby card and poster art suggests he at least looked the part:

seduction sheik style

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November 8th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

The Nude At The Fern Bar

Hiding behind the tiny little potted ferns in the courtyard at the fern bar isn’t really a solid strategy for avoiding male attention. But then again, if that was her ultimate goal, she’d probably not be posing quite like this:

vintage nude with loose braids posing behind some ferns

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November 7th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Trapped Chest, Tentacle Sex Surprise!

It never fails. “I’ll just pick the lock” she says. But it’s not the brass-bound wooden trunk full of treasures or antiques that your little band of adventurers and freebooters hopes it is. It’s something else entirely, something squirmy and hungry and horny and slick and lonely and (until about ten seconds ago) firmly bound by cruel magical enchantments. Surprise!

surprise tentacle sex for the cute rogue who picked the lock on the trapped chest that turned out to be a mimic

Artwork is called Beware The Mimic by artist Nightglare.

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