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August 18th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

When Lesbians Do It Doggie Style

Sometimes, presumably, it’s just the usual boring strap-on dildo, just like your mom uses on your dad. But sometimes, lesbian doggie-style sex apparently gets a little bit weirder than that:

two lesbians and an inflatable vinyl blowup dog

That’s of course if you trust your 1970s male-gaze lesbian porn magazines. (Probably you should never do that.)

lesbian life magazine cover

Thanks to Nortypig and Vasta for the images.

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August 17th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

The Nude Who Lost The Food Fight

If she wasn’t pouting so hard, I would assume this porn darling was a splosh-fetish enthusiast. But she seems rather unhappy about the bits of cupcake (?) all over her body and the wall behind her. If wet-and-messy is not her thing, I can only assume she’s the least-popular girl at the shoot, and the pastries on the craft table were too stale to eat today, and she was crap at ducking and dodging:

sad nude woman pouting about the bits of cake on her tits and tummy

Cutting against my theory is the fact that most of her face seems to have been rather miraculously spared, excepting only one strategic spot that doesn’t threaten her makeup.

The photo comes from Cover Girls 16, which was a Color Climax porn magazine title in the — I’m guessing here? — 1970s or very early 1980s.

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August 16th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Vanessa Del Rio, Cat Girl

What could better feed your catgirl fantasies than the legendary Vanessa del Rio in a leopard suit?

leopard or cheetah suit furry cosplay

This is probably the place to make a “nice tail” joke, but I think I’ll give it a miss. No, wait, is it too late?

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August 15th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Let’s Go Sex Camping!

It’s springtime in Denmark, and the sunshine is warm enough for outdoor sex (at least if you are Danish). But you will need a warm tent to retreat to, afterwards, and you must keep your warm winter socks on, because the ground is still very cold:

outdoor sex in front of a tent

The photo is from Color Sperma #20. Color Sperma was a Danish porn magazine of the 1960s and 1970s that was among the best of the slick color hardcore Scandinavian imports; akin to the many titles from Color Climax, but generally better shot, with happier-looking models.

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August 14th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Rubber Swim Cap And Oiled Flesh

Here’s a photo for the rubber swim cap fetish brigade — it’s from an old Color Climax magazine, but I’m not sure which one.

swimmer with white latex swim cap and oiled breasts

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August 13th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

New York Baseball Babe Butts

These nine beautiful butts came all the way down the years from 1979 to us via a porn-magazine promo shot for an x-rated baseball movie called N.Y. Babes:

nine porn starts in cute baseball outfights showing off their hot bottoms

It’s not the best angle for celebrity porn star spotting, but you can click the photo for a much larger version; two of the actresses are said to be Vanessa del Rio and Samantha Fox.

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August 12th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Cheap Mail Order 8mm Porn Movies: Revealed

One of the outstanding ErosBlog projects, currently on hold for lack of resources and time, is diving into the nineteen Movie Club Guild 8mm nude films in my collection that were distributed by mail order back in the 1950s. Although my research indicates that Movie Club Guild was out of business by 1961 due to hassles from the postal inspectors, its business model (ads in back of men’s magazines, low-quality ill-described adult film loops, a cheap battery-operated film view distributed “free” or very cheaply) was still being conducted by many other fly-by-night operators for many years thereafter, right up into the era of cheap VHS videotapes. This full-page ad from 1976 is unusual in that it shows, or at least purports to show, lightly-censored frames from six of the films on offer:

1976 8mm porn loops ad from back of November 1976 High Society magazine

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