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July 29th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

A Cooling Fountain Of Spooge

dick and shower of cum street art graffiti

A long time ago I posted a smaller version of this street art. Today I can repost in a better size and with an attribution (from here) to an Australian street artist known as Lush. There’s a bit of a Lush interview also to be found at that link.

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July 28th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Gear For Puppy Play: Sale

dog and pony gear sale banner

I love this time of year in the high summer when The Stockroom runs out of calendar holidays to run sales against and they have to just start flat-out making shit up. In the best manifestation of this creative spirit, they’ve just started running a Dog and Pony Sale featuring discounts on their pony play and puppy play gear. (They’re also discounting their bunny hoods and pig-face hoods in the spirit of animal-play ecumenism.)

It’s a little bit surprising just how much puppy-play gear they’ve got on sale. Here are some of the highlights.

1) What’s puppy play without a book? Try Woof! It’s described as “a wonderful, first-hand look at the hows and whys of human pups as well as guidance for their care and training.”

Woof! Perspectives on the erotic care and training of the human dog

2) Next you’ll need a dog hood or mask, such as the Two-Tone Dog Hood, the Dog Face Hood with Blindfold, or the Bulldog Mask.




3) You’ll want some Puppy Fist Mitts to turn those inconvenient and mischievous hands into brute paws. (Also shown below, but not currently on sale, is the K-9 Muzzle.)


4) And since your pup is not so convincingly a pup unless they have a tail to wag, the waggable Silicone Puppy Tail butt plug is essential puppy-play equipment!


5) Finally, don’t forget to accessorize. Collars and leashes are a great start, but if your pup is equipped to wear one, how about getting a Puppy Cock Ring?


Once the Dog And Pony sale gets your pup all set up, don’t forget to go out and play!

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July 27th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Dipping A Toe In

Anything you can do with a finger (or, well, perhaps a thumb), you can do with a sufficiently nimble toe:

fucking her with his toe as she gives him a bathroom blowjob

Source manga not known.

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July 27th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Don’t “Compete” With Porn

In one of his trademark long smart articles, Dr. Marty Klein addressed the many concerns of wives who are dismayed by spousal porn-watching. The entirety of Your Husband Watches Porn — Now What? is worth reading, but I thought his response to “I can’t compete with those damn women who perform in porn films” was worth repeating here:

The idea that a woman has to compete with the women or activities in porn films is fascinating. Of course, some women feel they have to compete with Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce; that’s a fool’s errand that no one should attempt (they are professionals; do not attempt to do their job in your home).

If you try to compete with mega-stars of course you’ll try to compete with Rosie Cheex; but if you’re smart enough to realize you can’t match the Beyonce machine, please let go of Candye Kisses as well.

While making superficial comparisons is inevitable, most men know that porn is a fantasy, not a documentary; no one actually expects his girlfriend to pay the pizza delivery man with oral sex, and no grownup really expects his partner to look or act like a porn star.

Porn or no porn, every man and woman has to figure out how to feel OK with themselves when they don’t look as good as others, have as much money as others, or have jobs or children as prestigious as others. This is the fundamental existential task of all people who want to enjoy life, and porn didn’t invent it.

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July 26th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Jacqomo In Jail

July 25th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Fatal Aphrodisiacs

One of my editorial standards is that I don’t accept advertising for penis pills. As a category, these products are at best fraudulent, and at worst, deadly. Safety aside, there’s no such thing as a penis pill that’s (a) legal for sale over the internet and (b) proven effective. But even if there were such a mythical pill, how would you know if its mythical active ingredient was actually in the pill that arrived in your mailbox?

Plus, don’t let’s put safety aside as I just rhetorically did. A lot of stuff sold for boner-stiffening is actively dangerous. Last month Slate printed a nice article about the “cane toad” products that were in vogue for awhile:

Please don’t eat toad toxins to get an erection.

Toad poisonings are rare but life-threatening. Men and women have died from heart attacks after eating herbal supplements called Chan Su, or aphrodisiacs called Rockhard or Love Stone. These products all contain the dried, toxic secretions of Asiatic or cane toads. Similarly, people have been sickened and even died after drinking toad soup, eating toad eggs, or swallowing live toads to win a bet.

Poisoning and death probably weren’t on the minds of the men who bought “hard, dark brown” squares of aphrodisiacs from New York City street vendors. Between 1993 and 1995, at least six men fell ill and four died from heart failure caused by the aphrodisiacs’ active ingredients: toxic bufadienolides. These toad toxins were also responsible for the death of a middle-aged American in 2003 after he consumed three “sex pills.” And they were the same toxins that led to an Indian man’s weeklong hospitalization in 2011, after he ate five to six toads over the course of “an eventful morning.”

It’s hard to blame the toads for these casualties. To protect themselves against predators like dogs and snakes, the cane toad has evolved the ability to secrete toxins from its skin and the parotid gland behind its ears. This “viscous white fluid” is a stew of chemicals that induces convulsions, vomiting, and even death in would-be predators. Even though this chemical stew can reportedly cause priapism — a painful, persistent erection — it also contains toxic bufadienolides, which poison the heart.

There’s no boner-killer that kills boners as thoroughly as a heart attack. Verbum sapienti satis.

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July 25th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

His Dick? It’s On Life Support

I have no idea what’s actually supposed to be going on in this scene from 2069: A Space Odyssey. But it hardly matters:

penis on life support

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