Mostly passed it, anyway. J and I went with two other couples on a long camping trip, everybody being an experienced camper but me. We did some hiking, we did some biking, we did some canoeing and fishing…..and J and me did lots of outdoor sex, including once in the canoe that almost ended up with us in the lake. I think J’s two buddies weren’t getting as much, or they were bummed that he wasn’t as interested in fishing with them as he used to be.

But I finally got the stodgy Lutherans to laugh. When we were packing up to head back to civilization, J asked me to take down the tent. I did okay until I got to the part where I was supposed to stuff it back in that little bag, I just couldn’t get it in there. He saw me struggling and laughed…..and I said, louder than I meant to, “You should do this part! You’re the expert at getting big things into tight places!” His buddies laughed and laughed…..their wives weren’t amused. I guess I’m too different from the ex-wife to fit into the group…..

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