I know, I know, calling Yahoo tacky is like calling the sky blue. And my point is?

But anyway. Frank from OMG Blog writes with news that Yahoo! has ripped him off:

In case you were wondering: No, I have not partnered with Yahoo! to create yet another derivative celebrity gossip rag. They are just flagrantly copying !! omg blog !! in more ways than they should.

!! omg blog !! has been around with its current graphic design since July, 2003. For my newer readers, that was back before Yahoo! even knew what a blog was and when Pink is the New Blog was white and lavender.

Since then, our readership has grown to the point that it would be impossible for the folks at Yahoo! not to have visited !! omg blog !! at least once (if not daily).

Content-wise, I can’t claim the sole right to post photos of Paris Hilton pumping gas (especially in light of my strict no-Hilton-content-ever policy), but I do take special offense at the direct thievery of my blog’s name, punctuation, and color scheme.

Of course blatant imitation is rife in the sex blog world — I can’t tell you how many Erosblog imitators have come and gone, but it’s more than a handful — but we do expect better from major media properties that employ designers and creative people out the wazoo. I doubt Frank can do much about this except name and shame — as he acknowledges, there aren’t really any core intellectual property rights being infringed on here — but some naming and shaming does indeed seem appropriate.

Also, maybe some booing?