Here is yet another one of the many pictures out there that do appear to depict California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a young(er) party animal of the first rank. In this photo, he (if indeed, it is he) seems to have developed an exceedingly firm and deliberate two-handed grasp on a happy woman’s right buttock and, uh, personal area:

arnold schwarzenegger with his hands on a womans butt, firmly and with intent

I can see Arnold’s left pinky finger, but let’s look at the closeup: where exactly has the finger next to it gone?

the governator with his finger slipping out of sight

Where has it gone? It’s gone exploring, I’d say!

As Bill Maher would say, “I kid the governor, but it’s out of love”. (Of course, Bill’s usually lying when he says that; I’m sorta not.) For all the governor’s many faults (he’s a politician now, which makes enumerating them redundant) it’s nice to see someone in the public eye who hasn’t spent his whole life in timorous avoidance of adult fun because of (imagine this being said in the voice of the high school debate club member you liked least) “how it will look when I run for office someday.”

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