Susie Bright has a wide-ranging essay up about marriage and weddings, straight and gay (yay, California!). Impossible to summarize but worth your time. A couple of random excerpts:

This time, even Arnold Schwarzenegger, our improbable governor, cannot put on the pretense that he gives a shit about the Haters. (This is a guy who gave Oui Magazine an interview in 1977, his weightlifting prime, boasting that American men were too uptight about getting their dicks sucked by other guys; that it’s not such a big deal in Austria… really!)


Weddings make your long-lost friends come out of the woodwork. There are people in my life, miles away, who I miss terribly, and yet the only time they travel to California is when some high school pal is getting married. I could fucking give birth to a chicken and it wouldn’t inspire them to budge an inch. Only weddings get their ass on the tarmac.