Everybody, I’d like to apologize for the fact that some of you were getting popups or security alerts when visiting ErosBlog yesterday. Details are still unclear, but it seems our server suffered some sort of code injection attack, meaning that ErosBlog may have been trying to load hostile iframes that in turn were offering downloads of a sort you don’t want to download.

Server/hosting tech support is on the case, they say they have rooted out the hostile code but they are still on the case of finding out how it got there. Which means, we can’t be certain (yet!) that the problem won’t recur.

If you are still getting alerts when visiting ErosBlog, please do two things for me. First, clear your cache (in FireFox, this is under Tools: Clear Private Data; in Internet Explorer, it’s under Tools: Internet Options, on the “General” tab, “delete” button under “Browsing History”, then Tempory Internet Files: Delete Files button) so that you’re sure you don’t have a cached copy of the hacked ErosBlog files on your local machine, and then double check. If you’re still getting ErosBlog alerts after clearing your cache, post in the comments to this post to let me know, so I can pass it on to technical support.

Once again, my fullest apologies. For six long years of blogging here, I have striven as hard as I know how to avoid serving anything here that contributes to the nightmare of popups and hostile code that pervades the internet. I am horrified by this attack and am working as hard as I know how to make sure it’s put down with silver bullets, ashwood stakes, and as much holy water as can be imported via local ports and pipelines.