The last time I drooled over Annie Cruz here on Erosblog, I called her “painfully beautiful”, in part because she was in dominatrix mode. But I really do think she’s a whole lot of hotness in a not-very-big package.

Which is why I cannot resist sharing some of the more modest scenes from this girl-girl nude wrestling match (conducted at Ultimate Surrender) in which Annie Cruz loses catastrophically to Samantha Sin.

Cruz (right) starts out looking confident and disdainful:

annie cruz and samantha sin square off for a naked wrestling match

But it’s not long before she’s the first to lose her underwear, to the delight of the audience:

annie cruz has lost her panties

And she just can’t seem to avoid being woman-handled by the stronger Ms. Sin:

annie cruz in a full nelson and getting bent backwards

By this point, she doesn’t have much fight left in her:

annie cruz wrestled into submission

Which means, she’s about to start “enjoying” the “surrender” part of the evening’s program.

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