This photograph of the incredibly edible Annie Cruz is one of those pictures that strikes you (well, it struck me) half-dumb from the sheer beauty of the model:

beautiful Annie Cruz and her lovely breasts

As the man in the bejeweled turban said: “Have that one bathed and sent to my tent.”

Er, Pasha? Begging your eminence’s pardon, but there may be a slight flaw in that plan.

It turns out that Annie is seen here mistressing in the Men In Pain femdom dungeons. If he’s not careful, our would-be acquisitive sheik could find himself tied by the balls to his own tent peak. But not, perhaps, without a bit of tenderness:

the not-so-tender femdom mercies of Annie Cruz

Even if you aren’t the sort of man who normally enjoys having a woman tie him up and be mean to him, the full shoot of Annie in action suggests that perhaps it wouldn’t be all bad….