From Tony’s blog:

It’s going to be from Tuesday, Oct. 28, 12AM Eastern to Oct. 29 3AM Eastern. For 27 hours, 100% of the purchase price on our erotic documentary DVDs (excluding S&H) is going to the No On Proposition 8 Campaign to preserve marriage equality in California.

So get your blog on. Get your Twitter and your Facebook and your MySpace on. Text a friend, e-mail a loved one. Tell them that if they buy any Comstock Films DVD on October 28, 100% of the purchase price will go helping stop Ballot Measure 8 in California.

I don’t follow California politics, but I’m pretty sure this is a good cause. The view from thirty thousand feet (as an old B-52 crewman I used to know was wont to say) is that Prop. 8 will amend the California constitution to eliminate the current right, as recognized by the California courts, for gay people to marry. As such, it appears to me (from 30,000 feet, remember?) to be one of those ugly “culture war” initiatives that serves no real purpose but to give cultural conservatives an excuse to slap people they don’t like around and put ’em back in their place.

So, if you were planning on buying any of Comstock Film’s excellent and award-winning porno for grownups, you couldn’t pick a finer day (in my humble opinion) to do it.