There’s a distinct change of tone during this bawdy poem, which dates in various versions to at least 1905, and likely goes back even further. In the old book where I found it, it’s called “Please Fondle Me”:

Put your arms around me, darling,
Kiss my cheeks until I blush,
Tickle me until I tremble,
If I murmur, make me hush.

Keep your arms around me, darling,
Put your hand within my breast,
Take me to your bedroom, darling,
Give to me what I love best.

Give it to me, lovely darling!
You can please me if you try —
Keep it up a little longer,
Do it good and let me die!

Drive it up into my belly!
Fuck me ’til I faint away!
Try and tear my cunt wide open,
Break it off and let it stay.