Today’s a rocky patch day in my time-wasting internet spaceships game of choice. And one user was afraid to reboot his computer. So he started a thread asking if that was a good idea, at his particular place in the not-very-smooth patching process. First, there was this response from another player:

I have and it was fine. Although once my computer restarted, my wife came out of the background naked, and I had problems playing Eve after that.

So on second thought: don’t restart, I don’t want my wife to come out of your bathroom naked.

Funny enough. But then a member of the game development team took it the next step:

Bathroom or background?

If your wife came out of the bathroom that’s a problem at the user end, if she appeared out of the background that’s a problem at our end.

Drumroll, anyone?

And y’all thought American Airlines had a wife problem back in the day…