Somewhere out there in a dingy clinic in Eastern Europe (also known as Crazy Clinic), a young lady is getting some unwelcome news:

pretty girl gets unwelcome medical news. Pants down!

For reasons best left unexamined, she’s been medically condemned. There’s nothing else for it, she needs a big shot of antibiotics, injected the old-fashioned way. It’s time for her to drop her trousers and climb up on the examining table, face down and bottom up:

pretty girl with bare bottom gets inspected and injected

Meanwhile, her medical professional prepares the injection:

beautiful medical professional prepares a big honking shot

Hold still now. This might sting a bit:

ready to ram home the needle in her bare bottom

Another triumph of medical understatement. Yikes!

ouch that hurts!

Pictures are from here and here.

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