Everything Butt — announced in this space on Saturday — has now gone live, along with another new Kink.com feature I quite like, which is some ability to preview the movie from the shoot before downloading. This last feature contributed to my discovery of something that’s rare in porn: the genuine laugh-out-loud moment.

I won’t spoil it for you. In the movie from the shoot, you’ll see Mark Davis plumbing the surprisingly-capacious and hitherto-unsuspected depths of Kylie Ireland’s anal vicinity. He’s using the “toy” shown in this photo:

woman of unexpected depths

She’s bent way over, he’s plumbing away, then suddenly he bends over a little bit himself and says… well, you just have to hear it for yourself. I literally laughed out loud, and then a beat later, so did Kylie — whom you wouldn’t have expected to be in a laughing frame of mind. It’s good dirty fun.