Thanks to Blog Lord and serious beard-fancier Andrew Sullivan I can pass on a link to an article that charmed me: writer and artist Kris Saknussemm on “My Ten Favorite Fetishes“, something that he’s clearly devoted quite a lot of attention to.

It begins:

Having studied sexual fetishes for twenty years (which is itself a kind of fetish), I’m long past the investigation of shoes, pain, vomit and rubbing up against people on the subway. My first real job out of college was working as the circulation manager for the Spectator, a Bay Area adult-entertainment publication, which was fueled by classified advertising — often for very distinctive “services” and interests. While there, I became acquainted with a number of memorable characters: Peg Leg, a one-legged call girl with a very full dance ticket (and some remarkable prosthetic attachments); The Coach (gym shorts, silver whistle, clipboard); and a sexually ambiguous individual who just called him/herself “The Sneezer.” (I’ll let you use your imagination there.)

And only gets better from there. What’s not to love? Read the whole thing.

As an exercise to squeeze a little additional pleasure out of the article, you can ask yourself how many of these you’ve either (1) practiced or (2) thought about enough to try to write down a fantasy or scenario involving them or at least potentially appealing to people interested in them. I did this for myself. I came up with four.

Only four? Must. Work. Harder.

And try to be a little more open-minded, perhaps.

Not sure if I’ll ever really get to the one about peanut butter, though.