It must have been terribly hard to be a photographer, back in the days when women were as fast as they’ve always been, but film was oh-so-slow:

comic view of paris

Illustration is captioned “A view of Paris” (if I’m comprehending the French) and the signature is, I think, “G. Moutin”, which cursory Googling does not expand.

Update: Thanks to James in the comments, we now know that I was misreading “Moutin” from “Mouton”, and the artist here is thus Georges Mouton, about whom little seems to be known. (And thus do I commence phase two of the best and laziest strategy for finding something on the internet: say something incorrect and wait to be corrected. My sneaky “about whom little seems to be known” is therefore your cue to say “Pish tosh! There’s an 800 page biography of Georges Mouton at {link} you wrong-on-the-internets maroon!”)

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