pretty young men

Kinky Delight says Rob is the prettiest one. (Which one is Rob? You have to click to see the large version with the captions.)

I don’t really agree. Rob (extreme left) is making one of the better efforts at looking like a young lady, true. Although Harry (sixth from the left) is giving him a run for his money. But, to my eye, it’s Russ (the tall one in the center) who is the queen of this particular beauty pageant. See that look in his eye? Russ isn’t just dressed like a girl, Russ is trying to sell it. Russ has an agenda. Russ wants people to think he’s the prettiest girl at the party. If I had to guess, I’d say this lineup was his idea.

That’s a lot of freight to put on a well-turned calf and what might or might not be a sultry look, I admit. What do you think?