Hey everybody, I’ve been conscious for a long time that the ErosBlog blogroll is getting a little bit stale. Although sex blogs aren’t quite the phenomenon they were five years ago, I know there must be all sorts of sexy sites out there that I’d link to if I only knew about them.

So, I’ve decided to solicit reader suggestions. What should I be linking to, in your opinion?

Here’s how I’m going to do this. Please suggest links in the comments. All I ask is that you provide a short description of the link and/or reason why you think it belongs on the ErosBlog sidebar. Please don’t just say what your suggested site is; remember to say why it is special or unique or likely to be of particular interest. A sentence or two is sufficient: “This is an astonishingly-comprehensive blog about latex fetish outfits” or “The best babe blog out there with a great focus on girls with natural assets” would be fine. (Yes, it’s OK to suggest your own site as long as the description is descriptive and free of marketing-speak.)

Bear in mind that comments with links all go into moderation, so your suggestions won’t appear immediately. I expect to clear most of your suggestions through moderation whether or not I decide to add the suggested link to the sidebar, but of course l reserve the right to moderate these suggestions just as I do all other comments.

Here is a short list of things that I look for in a persistent ErosBlog link, in no particular order:

  • Sex-positivity (no sneering about fetishes and sex practices)
  • Longevity (sites that have been active for years and look likely to remain active)
  • Sheer size (sites with lots of content and persistent archives win out over ephemeral sites and one-joke gimmick sites)
  • Self-hosting (sites that are on their own domain and hosting plan and not on Blogger, LJ, FaceBook, or another unreliable corporate free host that could pull the plug at any moment without recourse)
  • Originality and voice (sites that offer something unique, or have a creative voice of some sort, rather than yet-another-endless-stream of randomly-assembled porn)
  • Community (sites that link out to other sites are preferred over cul de sac sites who rarely link to anybody else)

This should be fun, and might prove to be an epic comment thread. Suggest away!