It’s not every day that one of my favorite and longest-running sidebar-linked sex bloggers does a porn shoot with my favorite porn production company. In fact, it’s never happened before. So, I’m delighted to announce that Mistress Matisse’s shoot for (at their Everything Butt site) has finally gone live.

Now, mind you, given our long virtual association, it would strike me as a little bit weird to show you the closeups of Mistress Matisse cheerfully shoving a huge black dildo up Bobbi Starr’s butt, no matter how much of a hottie you think Bobbi might be (which she totally is). And, to be honest, the free photos and trailer from the shoot don’t show us as much of Mistress Matisse as I was hoping for. As is typical, the focus in a shoot is on the submissive in a large majority of the pictures. Fortunately, as a stalwart affiliate I get some extra perks, including member access to the shoots when I need it. Which is how I can bring you Mistress Matisse in living color [note: the Everything Butt image I had here at first has been replaced, at her gracious but emphatic request, by a different image she provided, because she thought the EB image unflattering]:

Mistress Matisse

Here [we return now to the originally-scheduled Everything Butt photos] she is in the world’s most barren office, hard at work with the cutting-edge info tech of the early twentieth century:

Mistress Matisse at work

Whatever her job, though, you cannot argue with perks that include Bobbi Starr:

Mistress Matisse and Bobbi Starr

Mistress Matisse and Bobbi Starr

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