In the comments to the last post, Adele Haze betrayed the direction of her thoughts with the following musing:

I wouldn’t say no to a fairy. :) (As long as he or she were compatible in size, I have to say; Tinkerbell wouldn’t quite do it.)

My mind instantly flashed to the possibilities, helped along in part by memories of some art by the internet-famous Julius Zimmerman. And, although Mr. Zimmerman is too smart to name his wee fairy woman by a name that might unleash the feared attack lawyers at major media companies, he’s drawn some pictures that illustrate sexual possibilities I’m not convinced Adele had thoroughly considered when she made her comment. I had to rummage into some of the darker corners of one of my old USB hard drives, but the quest was successful:

nipple sex with a fairy

more nipple sex with a fairy

fingering a fairy girl

Of course, fairy girls are notoriously mischievous, if not downright naughty. Thus, there’s likely to be the problem of discipline to consider. Adele might start, I imagine, with a spanking:

ruler spanking for a naughty fairy

Another thing fairy girls are — by definition — is flighty. Spankings or no spankings, fairy affections never last very long. And when some man comes along, you just know that an affectionate fairy will have to try him out, compatible in size or not:

frustrated fairy girl attempts to insert a penis

fairy woman hugging and licking a spent dick

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