First, the image, via Kinky Delight:

skinny dipping girls

With this image I have my usual problem. After too damn many years of looking at pretty dirty pictures out of context, I find myself wanting to know more about them.

I can’t tell. Are these supposed to be American Indian girls, in some Russ-Meyers-esqe fake-historical western titsploitation drama? Nudists, at a themed naturist camp with a cutesy name like “Lake Hiawatha”? Hippy girls? What?

I have this software fantasy. It involves a distributed app for image searching and collaborative crowdsourced image metadata creation. Sort of a community tagging app for images that exist on the web, with smart checksum-and-fingerprint routines for loosely associating similar images wherever they might be found, and mapping quality metadata from one instance of an image to another. Throw in a cryptographically-secured unique-pseudonyms reputation system and a feedback/voting system to make it easy to identify and filter out vandals and anybody else who pollutes the system with consistently bad metadata. Thumbnails and checksums and metadata are tiny, so making the whole thing person-to-person (and thus, lawyer-resistant) is possible, at some cost in speed and efficiency. Some days I wish I had programming chops.