One of the things I like about ALS-Scan (and one of the reasons I’ve considered them A Real Solid Porn Value for a lot longer than I’ve been running a sex blog) is that once a year or thereabouts, they pack up their cutest models and head for some sunny island somewhere, for an extra-decadent set of sun-drenched photo-shoots. This never fails, because it’s clear that everybody from the models to the photographers to the company dog is having an extra good time, and as always, fun porn is best porn:

bunch of girls at the beach with dog

Now-wait-a-gawd-damned-minute! Did I just say “dog?”

Yes, yes I did. I even put in a helpful red arrow in the right-hand side of the frame, where you can see him ambling down the beach. If you click the photo (recommended) you’ll see a much bigger version, letting you see the dog (and the girls) more clearly. Dog lovers will recognize, by body language and expression, much of what this particular canine critter is thinking:

canine brain scan: relevant to my interests

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