Always interested in descriptions of novel sexual sensations, I have this report from ThisGirl on what it feels like to have sex while wearing a heavy rubber catsuit. Not as detailed as we might want, perhaps, but it’s a start:

Having sex in skin tight latex is a lot of fun. It feels sort of like being trapped within someone or something else. It’s not really easy to describe without it sounding a bit like some sort of porn story…but if you’ve experienced similar yourself then you’ll get the idea. It was very erotic, though a little strange that there was very little skin to skin contact for a change.

This girl felt completely as though she was his sex doll, wrapped up in all that rubber. Controlled by him, orgasming at his command.

What else is there really to say about that? Who wants to read about sex, sweat and latex right? Because this girl really can’t articulate too well how it feels to have that much sex whilst wearing latex after being locked up in that bloody thing because it was just so erotic…so orgasmic…and just a little too intimate to go into too much graphic detail.

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