ErosBlog does get hate mail — but you’d be amazed how much of it is misdirected.

A comment appeared on an old post. The commenter chose the name “death” and addressed it to the pornographers who made the image I posted about. It’s long been my experience that people often seem confused about where they are on the internet — I’m always deleting comments that are addressed to the models who appear in the photos on this site. Comments addressed to pornsite operators, though, those are new.

Anyway, this comment is hateful and violent. Why share it? Because those of us in the sex-positive bubble are too liable to forget that the violent crazies are really out there. They are.

Exactly as it appeared, even unto the unique line breaks, addressee redacted by me and replaced with [pornsite]:

to [pornsite] owners,
your dirty business,is f.king
seek ,you all are f king crim
inal maniaks and deserve an unbeliveb
horibble punishment ,i wish
you all be in the coffins with
cutted heads