All of you reading this who’ve ever wanted to put out a publication that reflects their own erotic vision, kindly raise your hands. (In my imagination, I now see a mighty forest of raised hands.) In middle life I have observed that I am not getting younger, and so I decided to take the publication plunge.

The result is The Apsinthion Protocol, which I wrote and Lon Ryden drew. Life might seem normal at Gnosis College, where the undergraduates pass halcyon days in study, frolic, and humiliating fraternity rituals. But behind its ivy-covered walls lurk faculty mad scientists who look out at their reckless, oversexed students and think, “what outstanding fodder for my work they would make!” Weird experiments that would never pass muster with the human subjects research committee are undertaken, and soon comely coeds are melting in ecstasy. [Editor’s note: That “melting in ecstasy” bit is emphatically not metaphorial. — Bacchus.] But when a senator’s daughter goes missing, things begin to spin out of control.

covers to the Apsinthion Protocol books

If you think this pulpy, porny concoction might just be your test tube of tea, I have good news. It’s all available for the great price of free. You can get a reasonably compact (~47MB) PDF file of the entire 205-page comic via direct download by clicking on the graphic above (or here) and you can also get high-resolution PDFs, CBZ comic book archive versions, and E-book reader (*) versions of the comic by visiting the master download page. And it is also archived online here. (And not only is this comic free, it’s also published under a Creative Commons license, so not only are you free to download, you’re free to share to your heart’s content.)

And so what am I going to do now that I’ve achieved this curious life’s ambition? Well, surely I’m not going to stop at just a single volume. For The Apsinthion Protocol is projected as the first of a series called Tales of Gnosis College. So I think I’ll get busy serializing the second volume of the series, Study Abroad, starting…today!

(A note on E-book readers. Comics-to-ebook conversion is still a bit of experimental technology for me. I’ve made several versions for the standard Kindle and they seem to look decent, but please understand that your results might vary by device. If you have a different device, it might be possible for me to customize a version for that device. If you would like me to try, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you as soon as I reasonably can. Happy reading!)

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