So I saw this line on a raunchy porn Tumblr somewhere:

My favourite fuck-holes, in order of preference: MOUTH, ASSHOLE, then PUSSY.

And it made me feel…old.

You know why?

Because I am old, would be the flip answer; though in fact I’m only just sorta middle-aged. But what I mean is, I’m old enough to remember when being “all about the pussy” was a defining character of manliness. Hookers were still using “Greek” as a euphemism for anal sex between a man and a woman, and it was expressly because of the reputation the classical Greeks had for man-on-boy anal. Men could get blowjobs but you didn’t admit to licking pussy (sissy!) or wanting to fuck your woman up the butt. If you wanted to put it up her ass, the thinking was, it was because you were a closet homo without even the courage to try it with a man.

So I saw that quote on that Tumblr and it was a “wow, the world really has changed” moment for me. Which of course it has. The discourse about sex of all kinds the internet has enabled has radically changed our sexual world.