And here’s another one. This guy signed up as an extra for one of the massive indoor-gangbang sequences at Public Disgrace, and found it to be ethical porn-making in action. His report is called Liking Porn And Loving Women: My Day As An Ethical Porn Star; he’s got a lot to say, but this is from near the end:

Princess Donna ripped the clothing off the models and encouraged the audience to do all sorts of nasty things to them. Her commands carried over the crowd as she busted out all manner of kinky sex devices. Fairly close attention was paid to the models’ well-being, but the check-ins were so subtle that I doubt the audience even noticed. Whenever either woman approached her breaking point, Donna carved a path toward the exit and let them go on break.

I don’t have any regrets about participating in Public Disgrace. Because it showed me that ethical pornography is a real thing that can empower its participants. And because it let me see that porn stars are just, well, people – people who enjoy getting naked and having sex who just so happen to get paid for it.

Even with all my nervousness leading up to the shoot, Public Disgrace was still an unforgettable experience and I’d probably do it again.

There’s something deliciously seedy about his photo of the accoutrements marshalled for the Public Disgrace production. It reminds me of an atmospheric shot for a horror movie or for the interrogation scene in an old war movie, but here it’s just a “get the supplies laid out” bit of movie-making practicality:

bondage toys from a Public Disgrace gangbang shoot

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