So yesterday at some point I fell into the Venus Flytrap that is Fifi’s Feeling Is First tumblr. Any good tumblr is addictive (“Isn’t that what makes a tumblr good, Prof. Tautology?”) but the very best of them somehow manage to find imagery you haven’t seen that you can’t believe you haven’t seen. Fifi’s mix is working for me.

And there I saw this:

naked girl being presented to a smirking faun in the hearth, wtf?

I’ve cropped it for display purposes; in the original it has many captions, but they were not easy for me to make out in that particular image size. So, I cropped ’em for the benefit of the image, and then went looking for a larger version to put behind the image link. Found that here, along with the information that it’s called Étrange Noël (Strange Christmas) by Henry Gerbault and appeared in a 1917 French erotic magazine called Le Sourire.

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