Here’s a fun little experiment for those of you who have penises. Put yourself into this fantasy for a moment. You’re in Cell 18, it’s been a long time since you got a blowjob, and then this happens:

prison inmate forced to kneel and suck all the dicks on the solitary confinement block

You’re a hardened criminal, you’re not worried about the potentially-bruised sentiments of the kneeling inmate outside your door, you’re just experiencing the first good blowjob you’ve had in years. Spend a moment fantasizing. Imagine how it feels…

Now look again:

What, if anything, does that do to your fantasy? Why? Discuss.

In all seriousness when sex educators talk about teaching porn-viewing literacy (as they sometimes do) this is the sort of examples they should be using. If nothing else, it demonstrates once again how much unsuspected and usually unnoticed power resides in the person who gets to crop the image.

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