Meet Chad Rock. Chad is horny and bored.

Then Chad meets Jesse. Jesse comes on to him. Chad starts thinking with the little head, and momentarily forgets his momma’s advice about not talking to strangers in bad neighborhoods. Hello, Jesse:

chad meets jesse and agrees to go with

Events transpire. Time passes. Slowly — too slowly — Chad begins to realize that Jesse is one of the people his mama was warning him about:

chad all tied up by jesse in some dirty and isolated basement

Uh oh. Chad’s helpless and in trouble. What vile perversions is Jesse going to subject him to?

ohnoes, a fate worse than death, jesse gives chad a big sloppy bondage wet willie

Ohnoes! It’s worse than Chad could ever have feared! He’s all tied up and getting a big sticky wet willie!

Sadly for Chad, and to his rueful surprise, it is not an accident that the word “willie” has suddenly appeared in this conversation.

chad suddenly discovers that there\'s a more to jesse than meets the eye

Guess what? Willie wants to play, too.

Nobody asks Chad. Bondage can be handy like that.

chad discovers just how MUCH more there is to jesse than meets the eye

Now Willie has Chad’s full attention.

As they used to say in those Victorian novels, perhaps it’s time to draw the curtain on this tender scene