One of the funnest things about looking at sex toy advertising is that it’s a literature full of joyful absurdity. Whilst I was looking over recent sale items at The Stockroom, I noticed something called the TitanMen Rough Rider Advanced. Remember those bouncing ball toys with handles that are for riding?

riding balls

They are not unheard of for use in porn as well:

(Yes, folks, that’s the infamous Bat Pussy!)

Back to the TitanMen Rough Rider Advanced. You just know you’ll look like a rough rider indeed when you’re bouncing on one of these:

rough rider bouncy ball with buttplug dildo for fucking yourself in the ass

Yes, my friends, if personal dignity is not on your agenda (and anyway, who really has dignity while they have a dildo up their ass?) you can use one of these to fuck yourself in the butt with extra bouncy-bouncy action!

Frankly I’m surprised that the world is not full of femdom porn where men are humiliated by being forced to bounce around the dungeon on one of these while being whipped by dominatrices. Yes, I looked (cursorily). No, I did not find any. Perhaps you’ll do better.

Update: If the Rough Rider is out of stock, there’s always the Magic Ball.

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