Will someone please stop me from browsing through sex toy websites? Just when I think I’ve seen it all, they come up with something like the Anal Ring Toss game:

The Anal Ring Toss game is a new twist on a traditional ring toss game.

The designated “goalie” inserts the anal plug with the attached scoring pole into the butt. The players then attempt to throw one of the 3 plastic rings onto the pole. You score when your yellow ring successfully lands around the scoring pole in the goalie’s bum.

There are no set rules to this game. A fun set of instructions is included, but players are encouraged to make their own rules. Should the goalie move and shake the ass, or stay perfectly still? It is entirely up to the ring toss players.

What does the winner get? The goalie? It is entirely up to the players.

Please toss anal rings responsibly and have fun!

anal ring toss game

That’s right, please toss anal rings responsibly!

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