It used to be standard for porn to have a moral, usually a fatal one. Get your rocks off, and you were likely to die before the end of the story.

woman with her hands tied is stuck in quicksand, while a male bystander begins to remove his dick from his pants

In that sense, this one-page comic about a man taking ruthless sexual advantage of a bound woman sinking in quicksand is very traditional! He starts out high and dry, but watch his feet as the story unfolds:

she's forced to give him a blowjob as she sinks in quicksand

she's sinking deeper in the quicksand

Thinking with his little head has exacted its usual price. In the last panel, the girl is going down for the last time, but I’m not so sure our anti-hero is getting out of this alive, either:

she's drowning in quicksand after giving him a blowjob, but he is stuck now, also

The art is by AcidTester.

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