If your eyebrows went up when I posted about Rain DeGrey’s comfortable relationship with vomit, you’d best be prepared for them to migrate northward once again. Because she’s back with another blog post in which she explicitly explains why she likes making people barf:

I don’t have a puke fetish. Puke is nasty and messy and you have to stop everything to clean it up.

I have a control fetish. The concept of controlling someone so utterly that you literally control their bodily functions makes me hot. The thought of so completely owning the back of someone’s throat that you can make them vomit, whether they want to or not? Well, that works for me on so many levels it isn’t even funny. Forcing someone to vomit is like making them squirt from their throat. In my book.

There are also practical tips for playing with puke. Yup. Check ’em out if you need ’em.

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