I blogged long ago about an infamous photoshopped porn picture that was always named “stumpy.jpg” after the girl appearing in it whose legs had been photoshopped into amputation stumps. This sort of amputee-fetish photoshopped porn is hardly new, but it’s sort of rare due to the oddity of its fetish niche and the work involved in generating a good ‘shop. (Note: there is also real amputee fetish porn out there, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post.)

Here’s an image on Tumblr that shows before-and-after views of a blowjob photo. It struck me as odd because in the unaltered picture, the woman is held by her ponytail while giving a bondage blowjob; while in the modified version, her limbs (and the bondage) have been removed. Fetish is as fetish does, I suppose, but my instant thought was “What, she wasn’t helpless enough for you already?”

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