There’s a Flash Gordon parody by Wally Wood in the third number of his Gangbang! sex comic, and it’s called Flesh Fucker Meets Women’s Lib. (This was apparently an early 1980s reprint of artwork that appeared in The National Screw in 1977.)

In the short comic (just 3 pages and 17 panels), Flesh Fucker rescues the female heroine Gale on two occasions, and on both occasions he finds her naked and vulnerable so of course (this being a sex comic) he fucks her, without bothering with little niceties like, say, getting her consent. But Gale is a liberated woman, and she isn’t too impressed. Eventually she hooks up with a gang of Amazons, who storm the camp where Flesh Fucker has been tied to a log by hungry cannibals. At first he’s quite happy to see her, but then she takes her revenge:




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