In the book Captive by Aishling Morgan, the heroine offends a well-connected noblewoman, who tries to have her tortured and executed. Fortunately, the Count has a sense of proportion, and he maintains a pit full of lusty goblins whose scent has a certain powerful effect on human women:

‘Is this truly a matter for me?’ he demanded.

‘Indeed, Lord,’ Yasma answered. ‘You will need to instruct the torturers to follow my will and sign the warrant for her death.’

‘Torture, death, for impudence?’ Alanthor demanded. ‘Come to your senses woman, have you no concept of proportion? If you want to requite your shame, throw her in the goblin pit! My apologies, Prince, for the interruption.’

Yasma gave a low curtsey and turned for the door, her mouth set in a hard line of frustrated fury.

Grathor followed, tugging Aisla with him. They marched out into a sunlit courtyard, then down a flight of steps into gloom. The smell of damp stone caught Aisla’s nose, then another, stronger scent that made the hairs rise on the nape of her neck but also filled her with the urge to spread her thighs or sink to her knees and lift her bottom. In front of her Madame Yasma made a little throaty sound, then stopped, no less subject to the impact of Goblin musk on women than Aisla.

‘Won’t you be watching, Madame Yasma?’ Grathor enquired innocently. ‘They haven’t had a girl for months, so it should be a fine display.’

Yasma answered with a grunt and walked on down the steps to a door which a grinning guard let them through. Aisla could feel the juice running down between her thighs, while her nipples were hard and aching. Behind them the door slammed and she felt a sudden urge to run, only to have it change to pure lust as a stronger waft of the scent came up to them. Madame Yasma screamed and ran, back up the steps to the sound of Grathor’s deep laughter.

The stairs turned and they came out over a drop, with pale sunlight filtering in from slits high in the wall above. Aisla looked down, trembling with need, her vagina and anus both pulsing in anticipation of cock. In the pit below were a dozen goblins, smaller and a darker green than those of Korismund, but with cocks no less huge in proportion to their bodies. They had obviously smelt her, just as she had smelt them, as they were gathered in a knot below among a mess of half-eaten cabbage leaves and bits of carrot and fruit. Every single one was erect, big green penes rising to the level of their faces.

Aisla swallowed hard, fighting the urge to jump down, only for Grathor to push her in the back. Her balance went and she fell, landing on her hands and knees in the pit. Immediately the goblins were on her, their long, spatulate fingers pawing her body, squeezing her breasts, spreading her bottom. A cock was pushed into her face and she gaped for it, unable to stop herself. Another goblin slid under her, his fat cock penetrating her sopping tuppenny at the first push. Thick lips closed on her nipples, hands took her hair, pulling as one rode her back, rubbing his penis in the shallow grove over her spine. Wet sperm splashed across her bottom and she knew one had lost control, coming on her before getting his penis to the target.

With the scent of the sperm her last effort at resistance collapsed. She began to suck eagerly on the cock in her mouth. Her hands groped out, finding stiff cocks to pull at. Bucking her hips she fucked herself on the one below her, and wiggled her bottom when a long, fat penis was laid in the groove between her cheeks. Above her Grathor was laughing, enjoying the sight of her giving herself to the man-beasts. As she was rolled onto her back she saw that his cock was out and he was masturbating over what was happening to her, stroking his cock in an unhurried fashion as another goblin penetrated her vagina and sperm splashed over her breasts.

Again she was rolled, to her side, to allow the biggest goblin to get at her bottom. She felt his erection press between her buttocks, then to her hole, still slick with Grathor’s sperm and her own sweat. The goblin penetrated her, pushing hard to pop her anus and forcing its full length up her rectum. For a moment she gagged on the cock in her mouth, choking on meaty cock head. Her penetration was complete, with the big, green, ugly cocks in her mouth and both hands, between her breasts and against her flesh in several other places, jammed deep in her vagina and bloating out her rectum. A tongue found her clitoris, adding the final touch to her ravishment as she immediately started to come even as Grathor’s sperm pattered down on her naked, used body from above.

Aisla was left in the goblin pit for the night, used over and over again until she had lost all track of time in a haze of goblin musk. She even ate with them, face down in the food trough eating slops while one of them buggered her upraised bottom. Only when the morning meal was brought did men climb down, retrieving her while the satiated goblins were busy with their food. After being washed she was allowed to dress in a plain smock of dull grey calico and taken to Madame Yasma to apologise…

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