Queens and commoners alike need a good brushing out before being delivered to the king’s chamber, apparently. At least, they do if the king commands that they do:

young queen is forcibly scrubbed for the king

a stiff anus brush to make the queen clean and sweet for the king\'s debauchery

rogering the queen with a stiff scrub brush in her tender anus to make her ready for the forced butt sex

more vigorous bush cleansing for the queen and her stinky bits -- the king wants her clean for the anal sex

ass to mouth humiliation for the queen being force-washed by her hostile servant girls

Apparently it’s also prudent to be kind to your serving ladies, too, lest they re-use the ass-brush a little too freely!

Panels are from the Dofantasy comic The Steel Trap Maiden, drawn by Ferres.

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