If we’re being honest, nerd culture’s fascination with sexbots and fembots and all manner of mostly-humanoid mechanical sex partners has an uncomfortable proximity with the rapey and toxic-to-humans notion that sex would be easier and more fun if your prospective partner lacks the will or indeed the ability to tell you to bugger the fuck off. There’s more to it than that, of course; in fantasy, these robot sex partners are designed for fucking, so consent is either irrelevant or built-in along with the capacity to do sexual things better than merely human women. But the fact of an “on” switch and and “off” switch and “programming” is at least part of the appeal of these mechanical partners. Certainly that’s so for the operators and enjoyers of the fembots from SciFi Dreamgirls, who seem to be forever opening access panels and tinkering with the programming of these already-willing mechanical girls to make them even more pliable and compliant:



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