two sister missionaries relaxing together and studying scriptures while on a mission

In October I brought you a sample of the strangely-wholesome porn from MormonGirlz, featuring sincerely-religious young Mormon ladies who, being sinners like the rest of us, just can’t seem to keep their hands and tongues out of each other’s pussies as the church demands. Today’s update features two “sister missionaries” who decide to do a companionship inventory (as paired missionaries are supposed to do). Turns out, they are very companionable indeed!

Mormon missionary sisters getting naked for their companionship inventory

One morning when they’re deep in their personal study, Sister Pratt gets bored. She tosses her book. “I’m bored.”

Sister Hardy looks up. She has been absorbed in reading Gospel Principles. “What do you want to do?”

Sister Pratt wants to fuck, obviously. She smirks and says, “We haven’t done companionship inventory in a while.”

Sister Hardy takes a VERY careful inventory of Sister Pratt's companionability as well as her pussy

She lies down on the couch and Sister Hardy sits on her face. Now the two girls are eating each other out at the same time. As Sister Pratt stares into the other missionary’s hot pussy, she realizes this is the perfect position — they can both pleasure each other simultaneously. Missionaries really are happiest when they are serving one another…

mutual lesbian 69 cunnilingus is what a really detailed companionability inventory turns out to look and taste like

Pictures are all from the most recent update at MormonGirls. (Look for the update called “Sister Hardy & Sister Pratt: Companionship Inventory”.)

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