It’s not a perfect article, but I can’t really complain about any coverage of the #Pornocalypse that opens with my line about it:

If you sift through #Pornocalypse for even a short while you will see a familiar message cropping up again and again: ‘The pornocalypse comes for us all.’

It may not yet have the tradition and durability of doom-laden portents like ‘The End Is Nigh’, but the Pornocalypse is real; it’s happening every day and affecting a great number of people.

While the adult biz has always been wary of the mild witch hunt vibes that provide its background noise, the past few months have seen attackers from all sides try and cut the power that lights up the sex business.

That’s from Pornocalypse: The End Of The F*cking World? by Joseph Viney at BaDoink.

I’m quoted at some length, as is Ms. Naughty, who offers her own formulation of Bacchus’s First Rule Of The Internet:

“The warning I would give anyone who deals with adult content is this: don’t trust your business to a third party. Because they will inevitably try to censor you. Buy a domain, host it yourself (on an adult-friendly host), make sure you have total control of that content. Your livelihood is too important to trust to a “free” service. There will always be someone who complains and then you’ll have someone on minimum wage making major decisions about what porn is.”

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