This is entirely unverified; I don’t even know who these people on this forum are. But it’s interesting:

Facebook won’t let us run ads for our dating app at people who are listed as “married” in their profiles.

They made a mistake a few weeks ago and our ads ended up being displayed to married people, and our signups tripled. Then they “fixed” it and it dropped down again.

Fuck Facebook and their 50’s morality bullshit.

I knew that Facebook exercises rigid control over what products and services its advertisers are allowed to promote, but this is the first I’ve heard that they control distribution based on the status settings of the people seeing (or not seeing) the ads. “No dating apps for married people” — how petit bourgeois is that? Facebook doesn’t want married people subjected to temptation? Or Facebook thinks married people don’t date? What about poly married people, how are they supposed to find unicorns without dating apps? Sheesh!

It’s also fascinating — though perhaps an unrelated coincidence — that our reporter experienced a dramatic increase in signups when Facebook temporarily did show the dating app ads to married people.

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